Ekster launches first Ultra-Slim Solar Energy Charged Smart Wallet

Ekster launches first Ultra-Slim Solar Energy Charged Smart Wallet

Ekster has launched an Ultra-Slim Solar Energy Charged Smart Wallet Powered by the Tile Smart Location Platform

Ekster, the world’s largest smart wallet brand, has joined forces with Tile to launch its second-generation wallet, powered by the Tile Smart Location Platform. Launched on IndieGoGo, this second-generation Ekster Wallet is the first solar-charged smart wallet to date. Slim and secure, this RFID-blocking smart wallet provides instant card access at the click of a button.


By leveraging the Tile Smart Location Platform, the Ekster Wallet connects to Tile’s community, the world’s largest lost-and-found network with over 8 million Tiles sold. Owners can ring their wallet or tap the Tile community to help them locate it if missing. The wallet is held together by handcrafted premium leather for a luxury look and feel.

Losing a wallet can cause irreparable harm in the form of identity theft, stolen cash, skimmed credit card data and more. Traditional wallets without RFID-blocking technology run most of these risks when consumers simply walk around in public. “People aren’t aware of how prevalent RFID skimming and data theft are — and with the Ekster Wallet, we are providing a trackable, secure and fashionable solution to these problems,” said Olivier Momma, co-founder of Ekster.

First Solar-Charged Smart Wallet Ever

“This smart wallet is the first ever solar-charged wallet. This means no wires, no clutter and no low battery,” said Richard Canneman, co-founder of Ekster. The Ekster Wallet only requires 3.5 hours of sunlight per month to offer full tracking functionality. Connect it to a phone via Bluetooth and enjoy all the tracking features offered by Tile.

Tile Smart Location Platform

Ekster  is one of the first to launch using Tile Smart Location Platform. The Tile Smart Location Platform enables manufacturers to embed Tile’s smart location technology directly into their own products, making them locatable through Tile’s award-winning mobile app and network. Ekster Wallet owners can ring their wallet if within Bluetooth range. If they are not within Bluetooth range and have misplaced their wallet, they can see the last place they had it in the Tile app or tap the Tile community to help locate it.

 Instant Card Access & RFID Blocking

“With EKSTER’s second-generation wallet, we’ve created an alternative to the traditional bi-fold wallet, so our customers can enjoy the fastest card access to date in an even slimmer design,” explained Rick Scharnigg, co-founder of Ekster. The Ekster Wallet provides storage space for up to seven cards in the 0.35-inch Senate edition and up to 10 cards in the 0.59-inch Parliament edition. Users can enjoy instant access for up to five cards with the click of a button using Ekster’s new and improved card access mechanism. It’s simple- click the trigger, and the cards are immediately ejected without having to open the Ekster Wallet.

Ekster smart wallets

Credit and debit cards issued within the past decade have RFID and NFC technology embedded in them. Cards with this technology can be activated and duplicated from a distance, causing security issues for important data like banking information. Traditional wallets are no longer safe to use, and the Ekster Wallet blocks out all signals with its aluminum cardholder, keeping users fully protected against any data theft.

Pricing and Availability

Ekster smart wallets are now available for pre-order on IndieGoGo. Early-bird pricing starts at $69 for the Senate model and $89 for the Parliament model in either Classic brown, Steel blue, Roma cognac, or Nappa black leather. All backers will receive they orders in June 2017.

Source: Marketwired

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