DND Flyway to Rush in Poor Visibility Gets Unique Solar Flashers and Delineators

DND Flyway to Rush in Poor Visibility Gets Unique Solar Flashers and Delineators


Noida Toll Bridge Company Ltd. (NTBCL) is involving in rejigging plans to guarantee proper visibility for street clients in the foggy climate conditions on DND Flyway.

An operator from the organisation NTBCL has installed safety equipment’s like solar flashers, delineators and remodelled the intelligent street markings for street clients, moderating the impact of poor visibility.

The authorities said that street markings have been revamped and around 300 intelligent delineators were settled at distinctive controls. Solar flashers are being introduced in foggy zones particularly around the stretch over the Yamuna Bank and the Hindon River to guarantee proper safety during the evening.

Anwar Abbasi, representative of the NTBCL, said that the all the street markings have been made intelligent. “We have put delineators and extra lights for appropriate visibility at the whole extend. We have begun introducing solar flashers at all the section entry & exit points and all major curves. The lights will be visible even in thick mist and indicate commuters to drive slowly“.

In the further reports, Crash barriers have been put at all the focuses where movement converges from two sides. A 4-km-long iron chain fencing has been set up to confine the section of stray creatures out and about.

The administrator at the DND toll Plaza also educated street clients to drive slowly amid the cool climate. Authorities said, poor visibility on the roads prompts delays and more critically has the potential to result in accidents.

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