District Panchayat in Kasaragod, Kerela commissions 15KW solar plant

Panchayat in Kasaragod

The panchayat office in Kasargod district of Kerela commissioned a 15kW solar plant. This solar plant is expected to reduce the investment envisaged on setting up energy-saving projects.

The solar panels installed by KELTRON at the office building at a cost of Rs.15.25 lakh, can supply 7-8 kW power to the Kerala State Electricity Board (KSEB) grid, after meeting its requirements during working days and the entire power resource to the grid during non-working days.

The district panchayat office has also installed a Net Meter to calculate the electricity transmitted to and received from Kerala State Electricity Board.

Panchayat office has prepared a project to energies three hospitals, veterinary centres, agricultural farms, 82 high schools, 56 higher secondary schools and 14 vocational higher secondary schools said district panchayat secretary E.P. Rajmohan. The pants proposed to be set up are expected to generate 2,000 kW power and would be able supply the surplus electricity to the KSEB grid.

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