Deloitte India Proposes Road Map for Achieving EV Ambition

Deloitte India Proposes Road Map for Achieving EV Ambition

Development of a robust ecosystem key to EV adoption.

Professional services firm Deloitte India has suggested a road map showcasing the ways through which the country can achieve its ambitious targets for e-mobility.


India’s pledge to reduce carbon emission by 33 to 35 percent until 2030 solicits emerging automotive technologies and alternative fuel, especially in the transportation sector.

With rapid urbanisation and rising travel demand, green mobility is the way forward. Bringing electric mobility in public transport systems to homogenise efficiency, reduce pollution, and minimise congestion.

The report highlighted the potential business models required for mainstreaming electric mobility in the country. It identified potential business models to integrate electric vehicles (EVs) into the country’s transport system; synergising stakeholders to select an optimal deployment model.

It also highlighted the need for a seamless collaboration among various stakeholders, such as government, manufacturers, vehicle aggregators, power utilities, and energy suppliers, to integrate EVs in the current transportation system.

The report also analyses the coexistence of partnerships by enhancing first and last mile connectivity and providing integrated mobility solutions through e-rickshaws.

It also emphasizes the need for promoting public charging infrastructure to increase usage of electric vehicles and enhance interoperability.

Commenting on the report, Vishwas Udgirkar, Partner, Deloitte India, said, “Integrated efforts in a unified direction are important for sustainable and smart electric mobility. The aim should be to bring synergy amongst players involved in electric mobility, encourage innovation, leverage private sector expertise, enhance governance, and distribute risk among players with risk-bearing capacities.”

On the challenges front, Udgirkar further added that, “Urban transport in India is facing a challenge, and comprehensive logistics framework for favorable EV ecosystem in the country is the only way to address this. EV integration will not only transform the mobility pattern but will also create opportunities to redistribute responsibilities within the ecosystem.”

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