CIAL Twofold Solar Energy Capacity

CIAL Twofold Solar Energy Capacity

The Cochin International Airport Limited (CIAL) has decided to upgrade its solar energy generation capacity from the existing 13.1 MW because of the rising energy needs. The decision was afoot at a meeting of The Board of Directors of CIAL.

In 18th August 2015, solar power project installed the capacity of 13.1MW power plant which made the first fully solar powered operated airport in the world. Airport is consuming around 50000 units to 60000 units per day which was produced by the photovoltaic (PV) solar panels.

However the consumption of energy is likely to be increased by double because of the spreading over 15lakh sq. ft. of the international terminal.

To retain its status as a world’s first fully solar powered airport company has decided to upgrade the capacity of the solar panels to meet the consumers demand.

Currently, the solar power project comprising 46,150 solar panels was installed across 45 acres near cargo complex. In the other remaining space 10,000 plus panels would be installed to generate 2.4MW power. Likely to laid some more panels above the New Park to add up 1MW of powers to the airport powers. Another some panels to be installed over three kilometres long irrigation canal which will help to generate the total power of 26.5MW. Some more panels has to be installed on the roof of the building would help to generate an additional power of 3MW.

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