CERC Extends Deadline For Power Generators To Submit Details On Generation, Transmission 

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The order is meant for the central power generating and transmission companies and those whose tariffs are decided by the CERC.

CERC Extends Deadline For Power Generators To Submit Details On Generation, Transmission 

In its latest order, the Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC) has extended the deadline for the power generators to submit their details from April 15 to May 15 of this year. The Commission, earlier on March 29, sought information from these generators for making the terms and conditions for tariff for the period starting from April 1, 2024. 

The order was applicable for the central generating companies, joint venture companies, independent power producers, and the central/inter-state transmission companies whose tariffs are decided by the CERC. The Commission has sought information on these ventures’ operational data and operation and maintenance expenses. 

The CERC, in its order, said that it received requests from several transmission and generation companies to extend the deadline. “Considering the difficulties faced by Transmission/Generation companies, the last date of submission of the information is extended up to May 15, 2023,” CERC said in its order. 

In its earlier March 29 order, the CERC had said that it was formulating the terms and conditions of tariff regulations for the tariff period starting from April 1 this year. 

The regulatory body had asked them to furnish information related to the actual and scheduled generation, declared capacity, water consumption, water charges paid, list of capital spares consumed, cost, and other details. 

“Further, the generating companies shall also furnish the details of expenditure incurred towards Special Allowance and Compensation Allowance wherever allowed to their coal/lignite based stations as the case may be. The accounting treatment of both the allowances may also be given along with station-wise details of compensation allowance and special allowance collected up to 2021-22 and to be collected in 2022-23 and 2023-24,” the order had said. 

For the Super Critical Technology, which is under operation, and the projects for which the contracts have been awarded, the CERC asked for details of actual/design performance and operational parameters. 

“The requisite details of turbine heat rate, boiler efficiency, unit and station auxiliary energy consumption (excluding colony consumption), heat balance diagram of the generating stations, correction curves like variation in gross heat rate with variation in load, life cycle degradation factor, etc, as per design / actual shall be furnished to enable the Commission to take a view in this regard. The station-wise details are also needed to be furnished for variation in above parameters as per contractual commitment and actual achieved,” the earlier order of CERC had said. 

For the hydro projects, the CERC had sought information related to the actual and scheduled generation, auxiliary energy consumption, average declared capacity and actual monthly average peak hour MW during the year, the weighted average duration of outages, etc on an annual basis for the years 2017-18 to 2021-22.

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