Century Holdings forms a new Green Energy team to focus on investments into renewables

Century Holdings

Century Holdings’ Green Energy team will focus on investments into renewables, starting with solar power

Century Holdings has announced that it has formed a new Green Energy team that will focus on investments into renewables, starting with solar power.

The company recently secured the SpaceX IPO, continues to support Elon Musk’s ambitions by creating the first dedicated renewable energy investment team. The team will enable investors to put their money into the future of clean energy. With Century Holdings Ltd to focus on green energy, and huge advancements in solar technology, including better power storage options than ever before, the time is right for investors to cash in.

The Green Energy team will conduct constant solar power research into the latest trends and emerging technologies, looking for companies at all scales, from start-ups to industry titans engaging with the solar revolution. This information will enable them to act more swiftly than competitors, and identify new opportunities on behalf of clients..

A spokesperson for Century Holdings Ltd said, “Solar energy will change the way the world works. What we are seeing is a future in line with Nikola Tesla’s vision of democratized energy – while large-scale solar farms are providing clean energy for industry, more and more people are also taking their homes off the grid to provide their own energy cheaply and cleanly. Both these trends provide opportunities for investors, and the timing is right for people to start investing now. That’s why we’ve created a dedicated investment team, headhunted from those with industry-leading knowledge in this field, to inform our clients of the best opportunities.”

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