CEL Tenders for Supply of 2 Million Multi-Crystalline Solar Cells Again

Central Electronics Limited (CEL) has once again issued its tender, inviting bids, for the supply of 2 million multi-crystalline solar cells.

CEL 2 Million Solar Cells

Central Electronics Limited (CEL) has once again issued its tender for the supply of 2 million multi-crystalline solar cells. As per the tender, the acceptance criteria for the solar cells will include – PERC (5 Bus Bar), Size 157x157mm+-0.25mm, and efficiency > 19.6 percent.

The last date for bid submission for the first tender was July 9, 2020, with the techno-commercial bids set to be opened on the same date. However, in the new tender, the bidders will have until August 12, 2020, to submit their proposals and the bids will be opened on the same date. CEL has offered a period of only 7 days for bidders to submit bids under the tender as almost all of the conditions under the new one match the old one.

As per the provisions of the tender, only original domestic manufacturers complying with MNRE notification regarding domestic content requirement (DCR) for domestically manufactured solar PV cells or their authorised representatives are eligible to submit quotations. The supplier will also need to confirm that the supplied modules manufactured using the suppler cells conform to IEC standards, and the same shall be tested by government accredited labs.

And the vendors should have a minimum of 5 MW per annum in-house production capacity.

As per the tender, CEL reserves the right to enhance the quantity of material ordered by amending the purchase order(s) within a year, if any, awarded on the basis of this tender at the rate and terms and conditions mentioned in such purchase order(s) depending on the production requirement and delegation of power authorised.

Furthermore, Inspection will be done by CEL representatives in CEL premises or supplier’s works. The government agency shall have free access to the supplier’s works during testing and final inspections’ and the vendor shall inform the MMD not less than one week in advance. All testing arrangements shall be the responsibility of the vendor and CEL reserves the right to inspect the material during manufacturing and/or before dispatch as per specifications and test protocols.

Recently, the agency had issued another similar tender for supply of three million multi-crystalline solar cells of wattage greater than 4.52 Wp. As per the tender, only indigenous solar cell manufacturers were eligible to quote bids for the supply tender, and there was no earnest money deposit to be submitted by the bidders.

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