CEL Seeking Multi-PERC Solar Cells With Efficiency Greater than 19.4%

CEL has issued a tender for the supply of 1 million multi-crystalline PERC solar cells which have a minimum conversion efficiency of 19.4 percent.

CEL Solar Cells

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Central Electronics Limited (CEL) has issued a tender, seeking bids from legible vendors for the supply of 1 million multi-crystalline PERC solar cells which have a minimum conversion efficiency of 19.4 percent.

As per the tender documents, the scope of the vendor will include the supply of multi-crystalline solar cells, PERC (5 Bus Bar), with size 157×157 mm (+-0.25mm), and an efficiency that must be greater than19.4 percent.

The last date for bid submission is May 12, 2020, and the techno-commercial bids will be opened on the same date. Bidders are not required to submit any earnest money deposit along with their bids for the tender.

As per the eligibility criteria set in the tender for participating in the bidding process, solar cell manufacturers and their authorised vendors are eligible to quote (copy of authorisation from OEM to be submitted along with the bid). However, traders/ stockists will not be allowed to participate in this tender.

As per the tender, the vendors must confirm that the modules manufactured Ising the supplier’s cells conform to the IEC standards. The supplied modules will also be rested in TUV or other state accredited labs.

Furthermore, any material supplied against order place on basis of this tender and found to be defective on inspection or differing from approved samples or make or specifications will be replaced by the supplier free of cost or a full refund made for the amount paid by Central Electronics Limited including freight and insurance and other incidental charges at our discretion.

The delivery schedule will depend on CEL’s requirements which will be on staggered lots with the last date of the contract for supply ending on December 31, 2021.

Recently, CEL had issued a tender, seeking eligible bidders/ vendors for the supply of 1000 kgs of solar photovoltaic (PV) ribbon of width 5 mm and thickness 0.3 mm. The date of opening of the bids has been set for May 4, 2020. CEL stated that the ribbons must be 5 mm in width and 0.3 mm in thickness with a base material of high conductive annealed ETP copper ~99.90 Cu. The resistance of the PV ribbon must not be more than 15 ohm/km at 20 degrees Celsius. The coating must consist of 60 percent tin and 40 percent lead on each side of the strip and must be at least 15-20 microns thick.

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