BrightSource Energy announces advanced solar field technologies

BrightSource Energy

Leading concentrating solar power technology (CSP) company BrightSource Energy, Inc. has launched advanced solar field technologies. New technologies deployed at Israel’s Ashalim Solar Thermal Power Station reduce costs; accelerate construction schedule and increase energy production.

BrightSource’s solar field technologies feature improvements to the heliostats, solar field communications network and solar field control system.

The under construction Ashalim project builds on the experience gained at Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System, which is world’s largest CSP tower project in California’s Mojave Desert .

Speaking on the occasion David Ramm, CEO and Chairman for BrightSource Energy said “Ashalim is a showcase of the CSP industry’s most advanced solar field technologies,” he added. “These innovations reflect BrightSource’s ongoing commitment to deliver best-in-class solar thermal and energy storage solutions around the globe.”

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