Borg Energy undertakes project to convert quarters of MPs into 100 % green energy efficient spaces

Borg Energy undertakes project to convert quarters of MPs into 100 % green energy efficient spaces

Borg Energy India

US-based Borg Energy Pvt Ltd has successfully completed a significant project to convert over 60 residential quarters of Members of Parliament into 100 % green energy efficient spaces.

Borg Energy Pvt Ltd under its Solar Photo Voltaic Power Projects has been undertaken the initiative for the Central Public Works Department of New Delhi. The company recently unveiled the new commercial Solar Photo Voltaic Power Projects in the Indian market.

Borg Energy India has commissioned three 10 kW on grid commercial solar photo voltaic power plants totalling a capacity of 30 kW on Grid at the residential flats of members Of Parliament.

20 KW On Grid SPV Power Plants will be installed on 52 Lok Sabha member flats on Dr. B D Marg; while 14 Rajya Sabha Member Flats at Talkatora Road will involve installation of 10 KW On Grid SPV Power Plants.

The US based firm will be using its flagship specialized designed Vega Series On Grid String Inverters in this project. Borg’s Vega Series is a new series of solar powered energy generating systems in India that are highly cost-effective and can be widely used for both domestic and commercial projects to generate environment friendly free of cost electricity.

The MPs residential quarters project, covering 66 flats in central Delhi was undertaken before the launch of the Vega Series.

Speaking on the occasion Krishna Kumar,Borg Energy Product manager said “This was a small yet impactful project through which we have made a large number of residential spaces meant for Indian parliamentarians completely solar energy efficient. This will help reduce substantial electricity costs and can become a model for more such green energy projects. Through this initiative, the Members of Parliament are truly showing the right pathway to all other citizens of the country by setting an example and being harbingers of clean & green energy. BORG’s Solutions have been customized for India and breaks the barrier of high cost with engineering excellence and delivers solutions that are affordable. The products also offer high efficiency in all conditions.”

Under this project Members Of Parliament will generate sufficient energy for daily domestic use, plan for growth in connected load and also substantially save on energy bills.

The US based firm has conducted wide research and development in India to produce products that meet Indian requirements and fill the gaps in Indian solar powered products.

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