Blue Star Enters ‘Save Energy’ Project

Blue Star Enters ‘Save Energy’ Project

Save Energy

As a part of Make in India policy, Blue Star is warming up to introduce solar power ACs, confining with the Indian Institute of Technology-Madras (IIT-M).

“Company will elevate some new plants in Sri City of Andhra Pradesh and Jammu at expenses of around Rs.150 crore.

We are tying up with IIT-M for development of products. We will look at the development of solar power air-conditioners with IIT-M,” B. Thiagarajan, executive director of the company, stated. “We would like the development of solar power air-conditioner in a time frame of 18 months” said to a news agency.

“The aggregate cost will be around Rs.150 crore and the capacity of the two plants will be around 0.5 million units for each day.”

The plants will likewise produce freezers and water coolers,” Thiagarajan said.

He made a formal announcement for the productions, “On Jan 29, after the company executive board meet up they will engaged the productions.”

The Central Govt. might trek up the excise duty on ACs in the Ensuing Budget, yet the players may not be passing on the hike to the customers.

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