Blink Provides Initial 50 EV Charging Stations for Evergo Network in Panama

Blink Provides Initial 50 EV Charging Stations for Evergo Network in Panama

Industry Leading Blink IQ 200 LV2 EV charging station fueling InterEnergy’s expansion of the Evergo network

Blink Charging Co. (Nasdaq: BLNK, BLNKW) (“Blink” or the “Company”), a leading owner, operator, and provider of electric vehicle (EV) charging equipment and services, today announced that it has received an initial order for 50 charging stations from InterEnergy Group as it expands the Evergo network into Panama.

The 35 Blink IQ 200 Level 2 AC EV charging stations will serve all regional electric standards and are expected to be deployed in Panama along with 15 Blink distributed DC Fast chargers. The project is expected to see nearly 200 new EV charging stations in Panama operating on InterEnergy’s Evergo network by the end of the year.

“InterEnergy is pioneering EV charging in the Dominican Republic through its Evergo network, and Blink Charging looks forward to supporting InterEnergy’s growing hardware needs as it continues its expansion into other countries in the region,” commented Michael D. Farkas, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Blink Charging. “We have made a consious effort to ensure our hardware is suited and capable of meeting the demands of the Latin American electrical grid, and look forward to continuing our work side-by-side with InterEnergy as it seeks to expand the Evergo network footprint across the region.”

InterEnergy’s Evergo network has grown rapidly in the Dominican Republic with the deployment of over 200 EV charging stations. InterEnergy’s goal is to install 300 more throughout the year for a total number of 500 EV charging stations.

Blink’s IQ 200 units are the fastest level 2 AC charging stations available on the market, have a maximum output of 80 amps, and deliver up to 65 miles of charge in an hour. The Blink IQ 200 chargers have been well received by leading EV industry experts, making them the preferred level 2 option for destination charging.

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