Automation, Digitalization and Intelligence, CHINT Redefines Low Voltage Industry

Automation, Digitalization and Intelligence, CHINT Redefines Low Voltage Industry

Due to the continuous increase of labor cost in recent years, there is a worldwide trend that more and more automatic, digital and intelligent facilities are used to make up for the loss of capacity and efficiency, as well as to improve the product quality.

digital and intelligent facilities

Since 2015, it took 3 years and RMB 200 million (roughly $30million) for CHINT to set up and put into operation two digital workshops and realize full-process automated production for MCB and contactor products.In order to adapt to automatic assembly, the product is re-designed and the key parts are also with automated production to insure the consistency and reliability.

A unified data platform and an industrial communication network are completed to realize digitalization. After the system integration including PLM, OMS, CRM, ERP, MES, WMS, SRM and etc., now the workshops of MCB and contactor are under full-process digitalized management in design, simulation, production,assembly, testing, troubleshooting, packing and delivery.

Significant improvements have been made in both operating costs control and production efficiency after the two smart workshops are put into operation. Take the MCB smart workshop for example, now each automation production line only needs 8 workers,saving 60 people than before.

Not only that, the defective rate of finished products and customer product rejection rate also have been dropped sharply because of the application of digitalized management system. The transformation from traditional manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing is one of CHINT’s three development

strategies. The establishment of smart workshop is a crucial breakthrough point. The successful implementation of the project marks a big step forward for CHINT’s intelligent strategy.

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