August ALMM Update, Approved Capacity Nears 20 GW

Highlights :

  • As approved domestic capacity inches up towards 20 GW, the next big change that comes might be in minimum mandated efficiency levels.
August ALMM Update, Approved Capacity Nears 20 GW

The Approved Models and Manufacturers of Solar Photovoltaic Modules (ALMM), which is a key measure announced by the MNRE in 2019 to give a boost to domestic manufacturing and reduce reliance on imports has updated its list.

The list mandates the enlistment of only those models of solar PV module manufacturers, under ALMM, which comply with the BIS standards. The updated list has also issued specifications for three categories for minimum module efficiency required to be eligible for enlistment under ALMM. These entail utility / grid scale power plants, which must have module efficiency of  20.1%; rooftop and solar pumping with 19.5% and 19% for solar lighting.

After May 10, 2023, only those models of solar PV modules have been considered for enlistment under ALMM
List, whose module efficiency is equal to or greater than 19.00%. Further, solar PV module manufacturers, whose validity for models expired on March 9, 2023 and had not applied for renewal on or before the said date, have been delisted from the ALMM List-l.

The List – I of the ALMM Order has been revised.

For some the firms, the validity has already reached its expiration on May 9, 2023. These include Emmvee Photovoltaic Power, which requested for provisional ALMM enlistment of additional solar PV modules. The firm is already enlisted for 525 MW per year. Bluebird Solar Private Limited enlisted for 21 MW per year and Goldi Sun Private Limited, enlisted for capacity of 1037 MW per year, have also been granted provisional ALMM enlistment for new models. In most cases, these are higher output modules

Other major firms that have been enlisted for major capacities include Jakson Engineers with 583 MW per year, Insolation Energy with 98 MW per year, Gautam Solar with 228 MW per year, Novasys Greenergy with 248 MW per year, Pahal Solar for 215 MW per year, Pixon Green Energy for 355 MW per year, Alpex Solar for 240 MW per year, Vikram Solar for 1248 MW per year, Premier Energies for 1116 MW per year, Mundra Solar for 2036 MW per year, Waaree Energies with 2650 MW per year.

Waaree Energies has consistently been bagging the highest capacity enlisted under ALMM, reflecting its numero uno position as a module manufacturer too in India. The full list and notification can be viewed here. At a total of 19565 MW, the approved capacity, plus the capacity that exists but has not been approved is comfortably over 20 GW now, and will probably see the most rapid increase on record over the next 2 years. However, the changes come even as very attractive sops for manufacturing in the US and to a lesser extent Europe is seeing many of the early established Indian players consider bigger operations in these markets. While Vikram Solar has already made a move for a US plant, at least three other solar manufacturing firms in India who did not want to confirm at this stage have told us about serious plans at their end for make in USA.

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