Ascent Solar announces the launch of Kickr 7FL and Kickr 10FL, lightest consumer solar chargers

Ascent Solar Technologies kickr-10fl

Ascent Solar Technologies has announced that it will launch Kickr 7FL and Kickr 10FL consumer solar chargers, at Outdoor Retailer in August 2016 in addition to the new EnerPlex Explor and EnerPlex Packr BC. The company is touting Kickr 7FL and Kickr 10FL as the world’s lightest consumer solar chargers.

The company also launched EnerPlex Explor 67, the brand’s first battery designed specifically for the outdoors, carrying an IP67 rating and the EnerPlex Packr BC, a first of its kind solar charger, designed from the ground up for backpackers.

EnerPlex at Outdoor Retailer Summer 2016 Highlights:

Kickr 7FL & 10FL: Engineered with Ascent’s CIGS Solar-on-Plastic technology and a completely redesigned encapsulation process. According to the company the new Kickr Featherlight family is over 50% lighter than previous Kickr solar chargers.

Packr BC: The first solar charger ever designed with the backpacker specifically in mind, the 10 watt EnerPlex Packr BC is engineered to clasp and hug tightly to technical backpacks, ensuring superior charge performance while on the move.

Explor 67: The first EnerPlex battery product to carry an IP67 rating, made to repel damage from dust and water — the EnerPlex Explor 67 was constructed with the avid outdoorsman specifically in mind.

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