Analog Devices announces new power conversion platform

Power Conversion 300DPI

Analog Devices has announced its fully integrated power conversion platform for next-gen solar power, energy storage, and electric vehicle infrastructure applications.

Company’s power conversion platform includes processing, gate driving, and sensing components, designed to enable faster-switching architectures and house safety regulations. Integrating ADI’s iCoupler digital isolation technology with the mixed-signal processor design (ADSP-CM41x), the platform abridges system design for power inverter manufacturers while improving system safety and reliability, and help drive down the cost of renewable energy.

The company in a statement said power systems must be carefully designed to protect the end user from electric shock and the system from physical destruction by isolating current measurement from the power-handling circuitry and transient signals. Traditionally this protection has come at a price as the use of multiple redundant isolated components drives up both cost and system complexity. Analog Devices recently introduced the ADSP-CM41x processor series, which comes with new design and integrates dual-core safety redundancy into a single chip.

The ADSP-CM41x is an integral part of the power conversion platform, and is awarded with Certificate of Safety Attestation, VDE-AR-N4105, from TUV-SUD.  This provides designers with added confidence in their own certification process and a pathway to faster, more cost-efficient system development.

Also included in the platform are the AD740x sigma-delta-based A/D converter, which replaces larger, more expensive sensor modules to reduce system cost and improve isolated current measurement, and the ADuM413x series of isolated gate drivers, featuring iCoupler digital isolation technology.

Analog Devices also announced the release of a new evaluation kit, the ADZS-CM419F-EZLITE to assist developers in evaluating and designing with the platform. The kit is available now for USD 410.00.

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