All you need to know about SECI’s 1000MW tender for rooftop solar

All you need to know about SECI’s 1000MW tender for rooftop solar

rooftop solar tender

Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI) on December 9 launched a tender of 1000 MW capacity for development of grid-connected rooftop solar capacity for Central Government Ministries/Departments. This largest rooftop tender is expected to give a big boost to Rooftop Solar Power Generation Segment and help to achieve the Modi Government’s target for installation of 40 GW rooftop solar power plants by the year 2022.

Here we bring you 16 points that you should know about the SECI’s 1000MW tender

  1. The Implementation of 1000MW Grid Connected Roof Top Solar PV System Scheme for Government Buildings in Different States / Union Territory of India is floated Under CAPEX / RESCO Model.
  2. The bidding process under this Rooftop scheme is for 300 MWp comprising of CAPEX Model & 700 MWp comprising of RESCO Model
  3. The bidding process under this rooftop scheme is for PART-A (CAPEX Only) and PART-B (RESCO Only) for government buildings only. Bidder can bid for PART-A or PART-B as per the eligibility criterion of RfS. Bidders can also bid in both Part A & Part B together.
  4. Under PART-A, Bidder can apply for minimum aggregate capacity of 500 kWp and maximum aggregate capacity of 50 MW. Under PART-B, Bidder can apply for the minimum aggregate bid capacity of 2 MWp and maximum aggregate bid capacity of 100 MWp.
  5. Site Survey, Design, Engineering, Manufacture, Supply, Storage, Civil work, Erection, Testing & Commissioning of the grid connected rooftop Solar PV Project including Operation and Maintenance (O & M) of the project for a period of 5 years for PART-A and for a period of 25 years for PART-B after commissioning of project.
  6. Period of work- 15 (Fifteen) Months from the date of issuance of NOA/LOA
  7. Pre-bid Conference / Clarification Meeting is scheduled on 10 January 2017 at 11.00 HRS at SCOPE Complex, Lodhi Road, New Delhi – 110 003
  8. Last date & Time for Online Submission of bids and physical submission of offline document at SECI office, New Delhi is on 27 January 2017 upto 14.30 HRS.
  9. Bid Processing Fee (Non-refundable) Rs. 20,000 (inclusive of Service Tax) to be submitted in the form of DD / Banker’s Cheque, along with the bid in favor of “Solar Energy Corporation of India Ltd, New Delhi payable at New Delhi)
  10. Bid Bond / EMD Earnest Money is of Rs. 1,200,000/- per MW (Indian Rupees Twelve Lacs per MW) for the capacity quoted (To be submitted in the form of Bank Guarantee along with the bid). Minimum validity period upto 06 Months, may be extended as per request / instruction of SECI
  1. Categories for which Incentive shall be available :-




Buildings    of   both    Central    &   State   Government,  Local

Government covering all Government Offices.






Government   Institutions,    Public    Sector   Undertakings,    all

buildings owned  by Government directly or by any Government owned    societies,   companies,   corporations,   Institutions   or Organizations, Government educational/ health institutions.

  1. Incentive Structure applicable:-

Sl. No.


Achievement vis-à-vis Target


Incentives for General Category States Incentives for Special Category States/UTs



80% and above within the sanctioned period INR 18,750/- per kW INR 45,000/- per kW



Below 80% and upto 50%

within the sanctioned period

INR 11,250/- per kW INR 27,000/- per kW
3 Below 50% / Delayed commissioning up to 6 months beyond the sanctioned period  

INR 7,500/-  per kW


INR 18,000/- per kW

  1. Name of the States and Capacity details under CAPEX Model
  • Chandigarh 1.794
  • Delhi 19.998
  • Haryana 6.990
  • Punjab 12.986
  • Rajasthan 7.983
  • Uttar Pradesh 26.652
  • Bihar 2.433
  • Jharkhand 1.835
  • Odisha 7.078
  • West Bengal 9.948
  • Andhra Pradesh 15.039
  • Karnataka 6.746
  • Kerala 3.946
  • Pondicherry / Puducherry 0.050
  • Tamil Nadu 8.282
  • Telangana 18.981
  • Chhattisgarh 2.208
  • Goa 0.191
  • Gujarat 114.800
  • Madhya Pradesh 16.476
  • Maharashtra 21.628
  • Andaman & Nicobar Island 0.004
  • Arunachal Pradesh 0.085
  • Assam 7.335
  • Himachal Pradesh 0.570
  • Jammu & Kashmir (J & K) 8.238
  • Manipur 0.300
  • Meghalaya 0.036
  • Mizoram 0.009
  • Nagaland 0.756
  • Lakshadweep 1.000
  • Sikkim 0.004
  • Tripura 4.124
  • Uttarakhand 2.876

Maximum allowable project cost under CAPEX model is INR 75,000 / kWp. Any bidder quoting more than the maximum allowable project cost shall be restricted to maximum limit of INR 75,000/kWp. Incase the bidder will not able to match the maximum allowable project cost, the bid shall be considered as non-responsive and the Bid Bond shall be returned without forfeiture.

  1. Name of the States and Capacity details under RESCO Model
  • Chandigarh 4.186
  • Delhi 46.663
  • Haryana 16.311
  • Punjab 30.302
  • Rajasthan 18.627
  • Uttar Pradesh 62.188
  • Bihar 5.677
  • Jharkhand 4.281
  • Odisha 16.516
  • West Bengal 23.212
  • Andhra Pradesh 35.091
  • Karnataka 15.740
  • Kerala 9.208
  • Pondicherry / Puducherry 0.116
  • Tamil Nadu 19.325
  • Telangana 44.289
  • Chhattisgarh 5.152
  • Goa 0.446
  • Gujarat 267.868
  • Madhya Pradesh 38.446
  • Maharashtra 50.467
  • Andaman & Nicobar Island 0.010
  • Arunachal Pradesh 0.200
  • Assam 17.116
  • Himachal Pradesh 1.331
  • Jammu & Kashmir (J & K) 19.222
  • Manipur 0.700
  • Meghalaya 0.084
  • Mizoram 0.023
  • Nagaland 1.765
  • Lakshadweep 3.000
  • Sikkim 0.010
  • Tripura 9.623
  • Uttarakhand 6.711
  1. Technical eligibility criteria:

 The Bidder should have designed, supplied, installed & commissioned at least one Grid connected Solar PV Power Project having a capacity of not less than 50 kW which should have been commissioned at least six months prior to Techno-Commercial Bid Opening date. The list of project commissioned at least 6 months prior to Techno-Commercial Bid Opening date, indicating whether the project is grid connected, along with a scanned copy of the Commissioning certificate and Work order / Contract / Agreement from the Client / Owner shall be submitted (online) in support of Clause 3.3.2 above

  1. Financial eligibility criteria:
  • The Minimum Average Annual Turnover (MAAT) of the bidder in the last three financial years (i.e. FY 2013-2014, 2014-2015 and 2015-2016) should be INR 2 Crores per MW (Indian Rupees Two Crores per MW) on stand alone basis. This must be the individual Company’s turnover and not that of any group of Companies. A summarized sheet of average turn over certified by registered CA should be compulsorily enclosed along with corresponding annual accounts.


Net worth equal to or greater than the value calculated at rate of Rs. 1.50 Crore per MWof capacity offered by the Bidder in its Bid. “Net Worth” of the Bidder shall be calculated as per Company Act 2013.

(b) In case of more than one Price Bid submitted by the Bidder, the financial eligibility criteria must be fulfilled by such Bidder for the sum total of the capacities being offered by it in its Price Bid.

(c) Bidders shall furnish documentary evidence as per the Format – 7 (online as well as offline), duly certified by Authorized Signatory and the Statutory Auditor / Practising Chattered Accountant of the Bidding Company in support of their financial capability.

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