21 Lakh Solar Renewable Energy Certificates remained unsold till the IEX’s August trading session

Around 21 lakh solar renewable energy certificates and another 73 lakh non-solar renewable certificates have piled up, remaining unsold till the August trading session of Indian Energy Exchange.

solar renewable energy

It is estimated that only 22K solar certificates and 1.36 lakh non-solar certificates were sold in the session. Solar certificates were sold at Rs. 3500 per certificates while non-solar RECs were sold at Rs. 1500 per certificates – the respective floor prices.

The purchase this month has been mainly on account of obligated captive power and open access consumers. This financial year from April 2016 to August 2016, Renewable Energy Certificate trade at IEX stood at 10.75 lakh of which non solar was 9.5 lakh while solar was 1.22 lakh. This estimates to 50 per cent higher than trade of 7.17 lakh certificates (Non-Solar: 563,472, Solar: 1,53,454) in the same period last year.

A total of 1369 participants traded at Indian Energy Exchange with 853 participants in non-solar segment and 516 participants in the solar segment. Overall, a total of 3318 participants are registered in the REC segment at IEX. Of this, 844 are eligible entities (RE Generators), 2457 are obligated entities (DISCOMs, Open Access Consumers & Captive Generators) and 17 are registered as voluntary entities.

Source: ET

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