12 States Now Host India’s 50 Solar Parks

Highlights :

  • Union Power Minister RK Singh recently shared data on the penetration of solar parks in Indian states during his reply before Lok Sabha.
  • The data revealed that these 50 solar parks have a capacity of 37 GW.
12 States Now Host India’s 50 Solar Parks Consortium Formed for Sri Lanka's Largest Private-Sector Renewable Energy Project with BESS

Recent data from Lok Sabha shared by the Union Minister of New and Renewable Minister RK Singh indicated that solar parks have made its entry to 12 Indian states. At the same time, it is still a non-starter in many other states. 

A written reply by the minister said that these 12 states now host 50 solar parks, which have a cumulative sanctioned production capacity of 37,990 Megawatt (MW). The minister indicated that the government had not received any proposal from states like Bihar and others to set up such a solar park until 30th June 30, 2023. 

The minister shared this data in his response to the parliament on the plans to develop solar parks in Bihar. Per the minister’s statement before the Lower House, these parks were sanctioned under the ‘Development of Solar Parks and Ultra-Mega Solar Power Projects’.

The state-wise data, as shared by the minister, claimed that some of the western Indian states, like Rajasthan and Gujarat, took the lion’s share in hosting solar parks. For example, Gujarat has the highest sanctioned capacity of 12,150 MW from seven state solar parks. It is followed by Rajasthan, which has a total sanctioned capacity of 8,276 MW coming from nine such solar parks in the state. Others who are front runners after Rajasthan and Gujarat included Madhya Pradesh (4680 MW), UP (3730 MW) and Karnataka (2500 MW). 

 While many states have implemented the solar park project, many are yet to see penetration of solar parks in their regions. 

The MNRE supports private solar developers to set up solar parks and ultra-solar parks in different states. It also bolsters its growth by giving them special Central Finance Assistance (CFA). Several of these solar parks in India have made solar energy far more competitive than conventional energy sources like coal-fired thermal energy. Most of the tenders floated for grid-connected solar power from such solar parks have yielded tariffs below Rs 3 per unit. 

Top five states hosting solar parks in India. Source: Lok Sabha

Top five states hosting solar parks in India. Source: Lok Sabha

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