India speeds up the installation of canal solar program

India speeds up the installation of canal solar program

With 11 MW of grid-connected solar PV on canal banks and canal tops has now been commissioned, India is all set to achieve its target of canal solar program.

The Mercom Capital research shows that 1965 MW of a targeted 12000 MW of solar has been commissioned in India so far this financial year, leading to expectations of an end of year rush.

canal solar program

India has been installing the solar in all shapes and sizes in an attempt to achieve the ambitious target of 100 GW of installed PV by 2022. The Ministry of Renewable Energy MNRE) started one such program which emphasis on installing 100 MW of PV to be installed along the country’s canals.

A research from solar analysis outfit Mercom Capital highlights the progress of the canal solar program, mentioning that 11 MW has now been commissioned. The canal solar program was launched in the financial year (FY) 2014 -15, with the aim of installing 50 MW of solar on canal banks and 50 MW of solar on canal tops across ten different states.

With 11 MW now completed, a further 64 MW is planned to be commissioned by the end of this FY, with an end of year total expected to be 75 MW commissioned. To support the project, the MNRE is giving a subsidy of USD 450,000 per MW for canal bank projects, and a subsidy of USD 220,000 per MW for canal top projects.

Source: PV Magazine

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