VIZ-A-VIZ with DR. GIRISH VAZE, Managing Director | Elcom International Pvt. Ltd


DR. GIRISH VAZE, Managing Director | Elcom International Pvt. Ltd.

“We do face the price issue while talking with the customers, as the prices are always compared with China, Taiwan etc counterparts. However, our local presence clubbed with high quality product offering is always appreciated by our customers.”

Q. Share with us more about Elcom’s Solar Module Junction Boxes- technology/specifications/standard?

Elcom International has the new state-of-theart manufacturing facility at its registered work office at 5-Star Kagal MIDC area in Kolhapur, Maharashtra. The ISO 9001:2015 certified state of-the-art manufacturing and R&D facility recognized by Ministry of Science & Technology, DSIR have strengthened the company’s position in the market. Predominantly, Elcom International has an expertise in manufacturing Electro-Mechanical & Electronic (EM&E) components, eventually expanding the portfolio to solar components like connectors and junction boxes. The junction boxes are TUV approved designed and manufactured as per IEC 62790:2014. Potted and non-potted, both models are made available as per the module manufacturers’ requirement.

Q. Junction boxes are a critical reliability component but are not much talked about. Please let us know more about your reliability lab where periodical tests are conducted on your products and how stringent are these tests?

Junction boxes at Elcom International undergo stringent tests at its in-house testing facility. The testing facility is periodically accessed by UL agency and certified for the same. All the tests are conducted as per the applicable IEC standard for solar module junction box.

Q. Are you planning to launch any new range (junction box) in the near future?

Elcom always keeps increasing its product offering by adding products from time to time. We do have a set of new series for junction box to be launched soon. This new product series aims to reduce the terminal connection losses in the junction box and achieve better thermal stability. Please wait till the next announcement.

Q. To maintain long-term performance and reliability, junction box needs to be resistant from water, sub-zero conditions, dust prevention, deformation resistance during prolonged exposure at high temperatures. How are you addressing all this issue together? What is the degree of protection that these solar module junction boxes provide?

Elcom’s junction box is rated for IP67 (IEC 60529). High grade industrial plastic is chosen for these junction boxes. This plastic has high heat resistance, good electrical properties, excellent hydrolytic stability, excellent dimensional stability, low specific gravity and offers good balance of mechanical and chemical properties. This plastic complies with wide range of environmental standards including UL94-V0. To achieve better electrical conductivity, pure grade copper metal with tin plating is used for the metal terminations. So, our junction boxes are perfectly suitable for continuous outdoor application and are able to work at wide temperature range.

Q. How is Elcom competing with global players from China, Taiwan, Mal-aysia and Thailand?

We do face the price issue while talking with the customers, as the prices are always compared with China, Taiwan and other counterparts. However, our local presence clubbed with high quality product offering is always appreciated by our customers.

Q. How do you maintain an edge over your competitors? What is the cur-rent market share of Elcom’s junction box in the solar market, both domestic and globally?

Elcom International is a pioneer in offering tailored solutions to individual needs of the customer over the past three decades by now. We have continued the same legacy towards the solar product offerings. Although we have standard junction boxes in the portfolio, we always welcome specific design requirements of the module manufacturers. Our junction box design is quite unique and incorporates design considerations to achieve better thermal stability, electrical connection & conductivity, high quality raw materials and compact dimensions. We are gradually shifting our brand name from new entrant solar component man-ufacturer to competent manufacturers with the introduction of next generation junction box series. We are really happy with our per-formance and the team is continuously working to meet the market requirements.

Q. How is the company coping with the growing demand for miniaturization in solar components, especially Junction Boxes?

As mentioned earlier, Elcom International has a few new Junction box series in pipeline that will be launched soon. We have considered the latest technical requirements of various module manufacturers and working on the same. Soon we will have some innovative junction box series launched.

Q. How do you see your business goals merging with Solar Sector in 2017?

With our new manufacturing facility and increased production capacity, we are very confident to significantly contribute towards the ambitiously blooming solar section in India. We have been doing a great business with the connector series since past 3 years. Considering the Make in India initiative, we foresee a very good opportunity for 2017 and years ahead

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