RPO enforcement and REC markets need to be revived and net metering needs to be simplified: Kunal Chandra, head of PROINSO India

Kunal ChandraPROINSO has two divisions; Distribution & Integration and EPM (Engineering, Procurement and Management) for projects. The company offer supply and services to installers, construction companies and clients for utility, commercial and residential projects worldwide. With decade of solar experience, Proinso has 27 offices across 6 continents. Kunal Chandra, head of PROINSO India shares with us the challenges that solar industry is currently facing in India and the issues that government needs to address.

How do you see Indian solar market in 2016, what will be the major drivers of the market?

The solar market has been growing exponentially. The year on year (YoY) growth is very encouraging and we see that trend continuing this year and for the years to come. The major drivers are of course going to be the state and central utility projects along with good support from the commercial and rooftop space, now with most states offering ‘net metering’ which will give it a big boost.

Worldwide PROINSO is active in Residential, Commercial, Utility and off grid. What are your plans for India?

 In India, we have different product offerings catering to different industry segments therefore we are active in the entire market. We are supplying our clients with a one stop shop solution primarily for modules, inverters and structures for both utility as well as rooftops.

What new technology / products you are coming up with and what are the key market strategies of the company?

We have started designing, engineering and manufacturing our PROINSO PV Rack module mounting systems in India which is used for the local market as well as for exports. We are supplying aluminium structures for rooftop projects and high efficiency tracking systems for utility scale projects. These products are designed to give the customer a extremely well engineered and robust solution.

Share us about your upcoming project (s) and how are you aiming to protract the solar business in India?

We are working on a lot of projects with IPP’s for our High Efficiency Tracking solutions as we have already setup few projects and the results are extremely encouraging. With the PPA rates steadily decreasing, trackers are the best way to optimise the yield which directly improves the IRR.  On the rooftop side we are pushing bundle solutions including kits of Modules, Inverters and Structures with optimised engineering and helping systems installers execute more profitable projects.

How is PROINSO ascertaining its position in the solar sector in India and Globally?

PROINSO continues to grow as a company both globally as well as in India. We are now active in close to 30 countries and are using our Global Experience and bringing it down to a local level. The key aspect to our growth has been working with good products and good partners. We continue to bring the best products in the market by working closing with our partners and also provide high level of engineering services to ensure maximum output and long-term reliability.

How favorable do you find the policies in India for the RE sector?

There are always going to be speculations on the policies but at the end of the day the price of generating power through solar has come down drastically in the last few years which is good for the consumer. All bids state and central are oversubscribed which only validates the fact that the policies match the requirements of the investors.

What gap do you see in the RE sector and Govt. policies in India? How can it be narrowed down?

There are quite a few gaps which require clarity. There needs to be a uniform system in place wherein the investors are able to plan and execute their projects properly. The State Utilities need to bring confidence to financial institution for funding of projects. NODAL agencies and central ministry need to be in sync to help documentation flow and project commissioning. There needs to be major changes to the countries Transmission and Distribution network.

Your take on the various initiatives taken by the Government in this sector and your expectations that can further boost this industry?

The target which has been set forth already by the government seems quite ambitious to say the least. In order for us to get anywhere close to achieving the same the government needs to help with getting the entire process and pace from bidding to execution of projects streamlined. Projects get stuck for various permissions due to lack of clarity which causes problem for investors. RPO enforcement and REC markets need to be revived and net metering needs to be simplified so people can invest into economically viable solutions. Solar is the best and most easily deployable source of energy and the government needs to help people harness the same.

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