Interview with Shashidhara. BV, Head – SolarEdge Technologies (India) Pvt Ltd

SolarEdge Technologies (India) Pvt Ltd, an Indian arm of SolarEdge – a global leading inverter manufacturer with over 7.5GW of its DC optimized inverter systems shipped, and over 6 lakh SolarEdge PV sites monitored in 125 countries around the world. In an exclusive interview with Saur Energy International during the 12th Edition of Renewable Energy India (REI) Expo 2018 at Greater Noida, Shashidhara. BV, Head – SolarEdge Technologies (India) Pvt Ltd shared his views on various topics including company’s new product offerings in solar in the country, footprints, R&D infrastructure, O&M etc.

He also said that “Our inverters are proven in toughen weather conditions. Our inverters are installed in deserts and where temperature varies upto -40 degree Celsius variant insulation as well. We bring that expertise to the Indian climatic conditions. Also we have special approvals in terms of enclosures as well for agricultural and ammonia related troubles. So our inverters are proven and ready to do work in India. We already have huge insulation base in India which is helping us to understand more and more fine tune the product.”

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