Viz-A-Viz with Sachin Jain, Co-Founder & CEO Oriano Solar

Viz-A-Viz with Sachin Jain, Co-Founder & CEO Oriano Solar

Q. How do you see Indian rooftop market emerging?

The Indian rooftop market has a huge potential. Currently, the C&I rooftop segment is adopting it through Capex or Opex model. Going forward, we see huge growth in the residential / household market as well.

Q. What challenges do you think Indian rooftop solar faces currently?

There is a lack of proper financing in the residential and small rooftop space. Most bank financing is aligned towards C&I IPPs.

Additionally, adoption of solar energy has been in some select states. Successful case studies of net metering implementation need to be shared across states for wider adoption.

Q. What things need to be done by India to match the Chinese rooftop industry? Is there any possibility of India reaching where China is?

Sachin Jain

Sachin Jain, Co-Founder & CEO Oriano Solar

China rooftop industry has been growing significantly with support of incentives in terms of feed in tariff. Like energy conservation programmes, discoms can incentivize consumers that participate in green solar e n e r g y program through energy b i l l discounts.

Additionally, to finance small roofs, there is a need to have proper rating system where banks can use these ratings to lend to households.

Like accelerated depreciation available to industries, households should get income tax benefit for solar installations that can drive adoption at a mass level.

Q. How are declining EPC costs affecting your projects? Are your projects affected in terms of quality or otherwise?

Solar energy prices have come to levels now where payback to households and rooftop owners can be less than 5 years. Additionally, with technology advancement, we are seeing overall system quality of solar projects have significantly improved over the years.

Q. How and what kind of support do you provide to the customers?

We provide turnkey solution right from land, evacuation approval, modules, BoP to transmission line to both industries and IPPs.

Q. What will be your 3 key suggestions to policy makers to make India a truly solarized nation?

Some of key drivers which that we think can drive adoption at a mass level are:

  • Incentivizing households by giving income tax credit.
  • Ease of implementing net metering at household level.
  • Financing to small rooftops through dedicated programmes.

Q. Where does your company stand in the Indian solar market currently and what are your expectations form this Financial year?

Oriano Solar aims to play to important role in driving C&I market adoption in India and has installed over 150 MW of projects for leading companies and IPPs. We plan to install around 150 to 200 MW this financial year.

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