Viz-A-Viz with Neelesh Garg, Director | Saatvik Green Energy

Viz-A-Viz with Neelesh Garg, Director | Saatvik Green Energy


Saatvik Green Energy is on a mission to lead the global transition to renewable energy in India. Having established its manufacturing facility in the state of Haryana, Saatvik actively supports the initiatives to provide clean sources of energy, by manufacturing and distributing world class solar photovoltaic modules, globally. Neelesh Garg, Director, Saatvik Green Energy in conversation with Aaqib Javeed, Journalist, Saur Energy International, shares the company plans, development of both products and services and the future of Indian PV market.

Q. What is Saatvik’s role in the clean energy initiative?

Saatvik being a solar focused company not only wants everyone to shift to cleaner energy sources but also focuses a lot on the quality of products/services in order to actually be sustainable in the future.

Q. Can you highlight some of the Company’s key achievements in the last few years?

Saatvik is a relatively new entry in the industry, but we have already satisfied many developers and retail clients, and made a place for ourselves in the region as a quality conscious company.

Q. Can you comment on the concurrent development of both products and services?

While the major focus till date has been on manufacturing of solar modules, Saatvik is already planning to enter commercial scale EPC services for its clients in the region. Saatvik is also developing new solar modules with the latest technologies.

Q. So you provide services in various areas in the solar industry. (Solar home lighting, solar lanterns, solar pumps, solar water, off grid rooftop etc.) How is the solar PV market currently performing in India?

I think that the solar market has a lot of scope in India, as people are still learning about the technology. As soon as the conversion from learning to adaption increases, it will boost the market. The government is playing a major role in the conversion process by not only educating the citizens, providing the right financial incentives, but also enforcing implementation via local agencies.

Q. Saatvik’s solar modules are marketed Pan India and in overseas geographies. Can you share with us the tests and checks throughout the module manufacturing process to ensure highquality module production?

Saatvik’s production process is highly quality controlled, right from receipt of raw materials to final dispatch of products. The incoming quality inspection is very stringent, with all equipment installed for checking the quality of cells, EVA, backsheet etc. There are 2 stages of EL inspection and 3 stages of visual inspection in the line, leaving no room for error. The final quality check is performed right before the modules are packed, providing the finest quality product to the customer.

Q. What are the main challenges India’s solar industry is currently facing and where do you see the future of the Indian PV market?

Solar industry in India has supply demand mismatch. The supply of Indian made products is more than the demand, due to cheaper alternatives/imported goods. The market forces hence create a lot of competition, lowering both the quality and margins of business owners. This can hinder sustainability of many companies in the future. Only the ones who can absorb price competition while still maintaining the quality will be able to survive.

Q. Tell us about the Company’s strategy in the future particularly the technology trends in 2018 and upcoming products you are launching?

We have expansion plans for this year, after which we will be able to deliver 500MW of modules annually. The expansion will be strategized in a way that we can deliver the latest product technologies available worldwide to our customers in India. Saatvik is also planning to launch fully integrated EPC division in the region of operation. Apart from solar modules, Saatvik is also looking at allied products, information about which will be revealed in due course.

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