Viz-A-Viz with Dinesh Chadha, CEO – Electro Control Systems

Viz-A-Viz with Dinesh Chadha, CEO – Electro Control Systems

Q. Please tell our readers more about ECS, its products & services.

Dinesh chadha Electro Control Systems

Dinesh chadha, CEO – Electro Control Systems

ECS was founded in 1989 and has grown into a multi dimensional organisation. ECS was initially into manufacturing of Electrical power and control/automation panels for various industries such as Paper, cement, utilities, material handling, oil and gas and exports, among others. With the growth of Solar sector, ECS is now catering to all the big players in the solar sector for supplies of ACDB,DCDB, ACCB, C&R, LT panels etc.

In the year 1995 ECS also ventured into Instrumentation and Electrical EPC jobs for NTPC,ONGC,GAIL, to name a few.

At the dawn of Solar Sector, ECS started undertaking supply, erection, testing and commissioning services for MW scale solar power plants, as well as rooftop solar power plants. ECS has done almost 1200 MW of such installations till date for ground mounted and rooftop projects. ECS has worked with almost all major solar developers such as Tata Power solar, NTPC, Welspun, Adani solar, Acme, Focal Energy, Harsha Abakus, Mytrah Energy, Amplus Solar, Azure, Fortum and many more. ECS has expertise in Substations up to 132 KV for solar plants.

Q. India enters global smart Energy race to fight climate changes. How are ECS products and services helping in this initiative?

As a major player of supplies and services for solar plants, ECS is in the forefront of such an initiative by not only generating green power but also on job training of human resource.

Q. What are ECS’s ambitions for Indian Solar Industry? How competitive will be India’s solar market for you?

ECS endeavour is to create awareness of benefits of solar power and to reach every home in India. Market is indeed competitive, but ECS outshines competition by making quality as its priority, coupled with competitive pricing and timely execution.

Q. Can you tell us what will be your growth strategy for your electrical Panel business in India in the next three years? What kind of market share do you eye by the end of 19-20 financial year in India?

We will keep growing by virtue of our stress on quality, timely deliveries, prompt service and low prices. We will get our growth from the growth of the economy, infrastructure and Industry in particular. There is expected to be a spurt in the demand for electrical panels. We are also working for new avenues to be added in ECS portfolio in future.

Q. How effective will be your company in realizing the dream of total electrification of India?

India, being a vast country, has huge potential for solar power supply as well as need for consumption. We are still too low on per capita consumption of power. Which shows the enormous possibility of growth in the solar sector. ECS is very keen in pursuing its best to contribute in this task of nation building.

Q. Tell our readers with what vision you drive your compan’s EPC business towards your goals?

With service and integrity being our twin motives we are expanding our human resources to fulfil ours as well as national goals.

Q. How do you see the future of rooftop solar in India?

With the current environment and strong support from the Govt, there is great future for solar rooftop in India. I see a great potential in rooftop especially for inaccessible/remote areas, where penetration cost is prohibitive.

Q. Is it possible for country like India to make a complete shift from conventional sources of energy to clean and green energy for all.

Complete shift is a long way as yet. Without cheap storage solutions, it is not possible. However, with the technological advances in the energy storage devices, this may become a reality one day. Peak loading is still an issue, which needs to be addressed.

Q. What bottlenecks do you face while carrying out your operations? And how do you overcome them?

Two main bottlenecks: trained manpower and of course timely payments from customers. We are continuously doing training of manpower to improve their skills. Timely payments from customers are still grey area where we are working with customers to improve. Also, too little time allowed to complete the projects.

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