“Esdec Is Still An Installer Focused Company”, Stijn Vos, CEO

“Esdec Is Still An Installer Focused Company”, Stijn Vos, CEO

Ever since it was started in 2004 by two installers, the Netherlands based Esdec has carved a unique niche for itself, focusing on the rooftop solar segment with their mounting systems. The firm has been in the news earlier last year  for its acquisition led strategy, especially in the US market. With a focus on the US and Europe till recently, Esdec has finally come to India, in collaboration with the renewable products focused SRPL group, which is based in Mumbai.

We interviewed Stijn Vos, CEO, Esdec, on their India plans and more.

Q. Congratulations on the entry into the Indian market. What convinced ESDEC to enter the market?

Stijn Vos

Stijn Vos, CEO, Esdec

Thank you. India is a key solar power leader today. The country’s solar installed capacity reached 33.730 GW as of 31 December 2019. India is on course to be the 2nd biggest market globally to install solar power and will remain in top 3 position for the next 10 years. That made it impossible to ignore the market for us.

As the Indian government policies encourage the renewable energy sector to develop more capacity, we are aiming for 10-15% Indian market share.

Q. Where does ESDEC stand today in terms of global share, total employees and plans for the future?

Together with our 250 fulltime employees Esdec is currently active around the globe in more than 20 countries. Esdec has a market share of 60% in the US and 25% in Europe. Since Esdec was founded in 2004, over 7GWP of Module Mounting Systems for both flat and sloping roofs have been installed by the firm. By entering the Indian market we want to contribute to providing the most comprehensive portfolio of rooftop solar systems and components.

Q. As a price sensitive market, do you have offerings that you believe can compete effectively in the market? Or will you be looking to market ESDEC solutions to a smaller, targeted user segment?

Our FlatFix Fusion has a huge demand and interest, it is a quick, fast and reliable yet cost effective mounting system for the Indian market. Esdec offers mounting systems for all roof types which are quick and easy to install with a minimum number of components. Esdec focuses on a total cost of ownership proposition which includes:

  • cost of material
  • supplies cost & weight of ballast
  • installation time
  • cost of cable management
  • material transportation and handling cost
  • availability of the materials
  • 20 year warrantyrooftop solar

With these propositions our products are highly competitive.

rooftop segment

Q. As a player that is very strong globally in the rooftop segment, what are the absolute pre-requisites for the segment to grow in a market?

Esdec is known for its state-of-the-art innovation centre, R&D strength and intellectual property portfolio. We believe it is important that all our products fit the latest technological developments. That is why we combine international expertise and continuously invest in innovation and R&D. Our mounting systems were extensively tested and meet the strictest safety standards. Expansion to the Indian market will enable us to invest even more heavily and efficiently in new product development. We usually consider stable policies, a large market size, and demand growth among the key factors in any market. India meets these criteria very well.

Q. What are your expectations from the Indian market? Tell us a little more about your key offerings?

Esdec’s strategy of growth through both acquisition and organic expansion has helped it achieve strong market share in several countries. For India we see great opportunities, as the rooftop segment here grows across segments. With a target for 15 percent marketshare, we have some way to go , so its going to be a very exciting period ahead!

Q. With the close coordination with EPC’s and Installers, how does ESDEC plan to differentiate itself in India? Do they need specific training on your products? Will you be building an exclusive network of installers?

Esdec offers support for the whole solar project, from design to installation. As Esdec was founded by 2 installers in 2004, it still is an installer focussed company.

solar installationWe are launching a new training program with online training on installation videos and a weekly webinar. Also we are appointing PAN India installation and commissioning partners and working with distribution partners to make stock available at PAN India to save transportation cost and shorten lead times. As we are providing solutions for residential, commercial & industrial roofs, we are working with EPC, distributors, and I&C partners. Since our entrance to the Indian market, most of our clients have placed repeat orders which shows the satisfaction and commitment of the customers and partners.

Q. Tell us more about SRPL, your India distribution partner, and the nature of the arrangement with them.

The SRPL-GROUP is a young, dynamic and very motivated service and distribution partner. With the Indian PV market capacity expected to grow over 40% in the next 5 years, Esdec’s balanced product portfolio provides installers and distributors the certainty they need for their supply chain. As the exclusive distributor and service partner of Esdec the Indian PV industry will highly benefit from this cooperation through an enormous pooling of technical and long term know-how and experience of all employees. We have the opportunity to benefit from each others strengths while still remaining focussed on innovation.

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