What is International Solar Alliance (ISA) – Things You Should Know!

What is International Solar Alliance (ISA) – Things You Should Know!

International Solar Alliance

When the whole world is undergoing an energy crisis moment – The world leaders and political heads have come together to mark the most abundant form of energy ‘solar’ and technologically empower to feed the sphere with ‘Green Energy.’

The International Solar Alliance (ISA) is one of its kind historic pact among solar resource wealthy countries to cooperate and promote the solar energy activities.

The Plan draws ‘to ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all’ ISA is trying to increase the share of renewable energy substantially by 2030.

By 2030, it conceives upgrading worldwide collaboration to encourage access to clean vitality.

Currently, in the ISA family 121 nations which lie completely or part between the tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn has shown interest as the nations are in the right geographical position to utilize the Solar Power.

The ISA was inaugurated by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and French President Francois Hollande during the UN Climate Change Conference in Paris (COP 21) on 30th November.

The aggregate monetary backing by India, including expense of the area, will be Rs 400 crore, said Upendra Tripathy, secretary of MNRE. ‘What remains to be done? There are still no tangible targets attached to the working of the alliance. While some countries would be responsible for export of solar panels and some for cheap technology, a legal commitment by each one of them would be made subsequently. Around $1 trillion of capital is relied upon to be mobilized with this organization.’ He also said that ‘around $500 billion would originate from corporate private area.’

Short Term Priorities Underlined by ISA:

  • E-Portal to offer 24/7 real time suggestions for solar projects;
  • Work with ISA member countries to strive for universal access to solar lighting;
  • Preparation of Detailed Project Reports and sharing of best-practices and successful case studies;
  • Exchange best practices and work with member countries in designing financing instruments to mitigate risk and catalyze partnerships to boost investment;
  • Share perspectives on developing electricity systems;
  • Development of standards, specifications and test protocols for solar energy systems;
  • Generate and diffuse key learning on new technologies;
  • Encourage collaboration in solar resource mapping in member countries and in deployment of suitable technologies;
  • Facilitate preparation of plans for solar energy development and deployment;
  • Encourage industry cooperation among ISA member countries;
  • Forge cooperative linkages on development of Centre of Excellence for R&D in ISA member countries; and
  • Designing training programs for students/engineers/ policy makers, etc. and organizing workshops, focused meetings and conferences.

So, what are the objectives of ISA:

  • To establish an international platform spurring the pursuits of solar energy technologies
  • Enhance energy security & innovation
  • Improve utilizing of energy and opportunities for better living in rural and remote areas
  • Increase the living standard; to understand the technologies; financing to the researchers, building a greenery environment.


  • By improving the solar technologies and solar activities it becomes the convenient source of energy.
  • The solar energy will be a source of commercial energy with high extent of creation in tropical regions where all the nations are either poor or developing.
  • The advantage of diminishing carbon fuel and moving to renewable energy is global priority.
  • Developed nations ought to exchange innovation and provide incentives to the ISA’s endeavours to help energy generation.
  • The ISA is relied upon to assemble endeavours from various partners to empower the developing nation to embrace renewable energy technologies.

The Global Leaders shared a purview on this historic alliance:

Global Leaders

‘There are several countries blessed with high solar radiation. We are making efforts to bring these countries together for enhanced solar energy utilization through research and technology up gradation. These countries have immense strength and capabilities to find solutions for their energy needs through solar energy’ – Narendra Modi, Hon’ble Prime Minister of India

‘I welcome this initiative because if (these) countries can formulate ambitious targets for renewable by modifying regulatory systems for financing and improving technologies for lowering price of solar energy, then it will be a major contribution to the implementation of climate agreement’. – Francois Hollande, President of France. He also added that, ‘ISA is a gift from India to the World’.

‘ISA can provide a unique focus in supporting global efforts to increase the uptake of renewable energy through the development of solar policies, the promotion of applications to reduce poverty and the facilitation of energy access. I welcome this initiative by an IRENA Member Country and the Chair of the IRENA Council, India, and look forward to supporting ISA member countries in all possible ways.’-  Adnan Z. Amin, Director General, IRENA

List of prospective Member Countries and Territories for ISA:

1. People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria
2. Antigua and Barbuda
3. Republic of Angola
4. Argentina Republic
5. Commonwealth of Australia
6. Commonwealth of Bahamas
7. Peoples Republic of Bangladesh
8. Barbados
9. Belize
10. Republic of Benin
11. Pluri’National State of Bolivia
12. Republic of Botswana.
13. Federal Republic of Brazil
14. Nation of Brunei, Abode of Peace
15. Burkina Faso
16. Republic of Burundi
17. Kingdom of Cambodia
18. Republic of Cameroon
19. Republic of Cape Verde
20. Central African Republic
21. Republic of Chad
22. Republic of Chile
23. People’s Republic of China
24. Republic of Colombia
25. Union of Comoros
26. Congo  Democratic Republic of
27. Congo  Republic of
28. New Zealand
29. Republic of Costa Rica
30. Republic of Cote d’ivoire
31. Republic of Cuba
32. Republic of Djibouti
33. Commonwealth of Dominica
34. Dominican Republic
35. Republic of Ecuador
36. Arab Republic of Egypt
37. Republic of El Salvador
38. Republic of Equatorial Guinea
39. State of Eritrea
40. Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia
41. Republic of Fiji
42. France
43. Gabonese Republic
44. Republic of The Gambia
45. Republic of Ghana
46. Republic of Grenada
47. Republic of Guatemala
48. Republic of Guinea
49. Republic of Guinea-Bissau
50. Republic of Guyana
51. Republic of Haiti
52. Republic of Honduras
53. Republic of India
54. Republic of Indonesia
55. Jamaica
56. Japan
57. Republic of Kenya
58. Republic of Kiribati
59. Laos People’s Democratic Republic
60. Republic of Liberia
61. Libya
62. Republic of Madagascar
63. Republic of Malawi
64. Federation of Malaysia
65. Republic of Maldives
66. Republic of Mali
67. Republic of Marshall Islands
68. Islamic Republic of Mauritania
69. Republic of Mauritius
70. United Mexican State
71. Federated States of Micronesia
72. Republic of Mozambique
73. Republic of Myanmar
74. Republic of Namibia
75. Republic of Nauru
76. The Netherlands
77. Republic of Nicaragua
78. Republic of Niger
79. Federal Republic of Nigeria
80. Sultanate of Oman
81. Republic of Palau
82. Republic of Panama
83. Independent State of Papua New Guinea
84. Republic of Paraguay
85. Republic of Peru
86. Republic of Philippines
87. Republic of Rwanda
88. St. Lucia
89. Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis
90. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
91. Independent State of Samoa
92. Democratic Republic of Sao Tome and Principe
93. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
94. Republic of Senegal
95. Republic of Seychelles
96. Republic of Sierra Leone
97. Republic of Singapore
98. Solomon Islands
99. Federal Republic of Somalia
100. Republic of South Africa
101. Republic of South Sudan
102. Democratic Socialist Republic of Srilanka
103. Republic of Sudan
104. Republic of Suriname
105. United Republic of Tanzania
106. Kingdom of Thailand
107. Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste
108. Togolese Republic
109. Kingdom of Tonga
110. Republic of Trinidad and Tobago
111. Tuvalu
112. Republic of Uganda
113. United Arab Emirates
114. United Kingdom
115. United States of America
116. Republic of Vanuatu
117. Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela
118. Socialist Republic of Vietnam
119. Republic of Yemen
120. Republic of Zambia
121. Republic of Zimbabwe

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