Moxion Power’s Mission To Replace DG Sets With EV Batteries Backed By Amazon, Microsoft

Highlights :

  • Moxion Power is building a high-powered, mobile energy storage technology that can be used pretty much anywhere

Governments and investors all across the globe are investing in clean energy technologies, projects, and startups. Replacing dirty and inefficient diesel generators has also interested two of the world’s biggest tech giants. Amazon and Microsoft are investing in a clean energy startup called Moxion Power that aims to replace diesel generators with zero-emission electric batteries.

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Moxion Power is building a high-powered, mobile energy storage technology that it claims can be used anywhere. The company was founded in 2020 and is based in Richmond, California. The battery-powered generators are used in construction, events & entertainment, utilities, EV fleet operators, and government agencies.

Buy or Rent

The company is offering both options to its consumers – buy or rent. Rentals offer technology that alerts the user as the batteries are about to run out, the machine’s call for battery replacement to avoid lapse.

However, buying option is not bad either. The generators are competitive in price and, when compared to the additional maintenance cost intrinsic to operating diesel generators, may even stand as being cheaper. Moxion Power claims that it is less expensive to maintain than its diesel counterpart.

Unique Among The Competitors

Big generator companies like Generac and Caterpillar are beginning to offer small battery-powered units in addition to their larger diesel generator lines. However, Moxion’s electric generator may prove to be a disruptor.

The USP of Moxion’s unit is that it works quietly with zero emission. On sets of movies and videos, it can be moved indoors for unique shots that previously was difficult to pull over with diesel noisy generators. Thanks to silent working, the united can be placed closer to where the power is needed. This also eliminates the need for a lot of the cabling.


Apart from Amazon and Microsoft, Moxion energy has attracted several other investors as well. Bagging total funding of $110 million so far, the startup has backing from the Amazon Climate Pledge fund, Microsoft Climate Innovation Fund, Enterprise Holdings, Energy Impact Partners, Tamarack Global, and Sunbelt Rentals.

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