Mini Grid and Off-Grid – Determining the LastMile of Rural India

Mini Grid and Off Grid

India has huge and diverse geographical and economic diversity. The toiling rural electrification is on the provision by the current government exercise. Reaching the lastmile means that small, off-grid projects will become the most effective way to expand access to electricity. Micro grids provide an immediate solution for rural India to gain access to electricity and as these offgrid projects incorporate renewable energy sources to generate electricity, they are a sustainable and ultimately more reliable solution than the large national grids. The introduction of small-scale mini or micro grids with distributed generation can provide them with a more manageable option of electrification. It’s more affordable. There is no need for expensive specialist resources and there is a reduction of OPEX (less manpower needed). It is more reliable because it is decentralized (and the supply is not reliant of large power plants) and it is a lot more environmentally friendly.

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