It Is Now Possible To Carry Your Solar Panels In Bags & Travel

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  • Chennai-based company-Turnon is now offering portable light weight solar panels.
It Is Now Possible To Carry Your Solar Panels In Bags & Travel Turnon's portable solar panels.

You might have seen the conventional rooftop solar setups where the solar panels are fixed with poles on the rooftops. In other cases, in several solar parks, they are mounted on the ground with support structures. However, with the advent of new technologies, the ease of using solar energy has transformed.

Turnon's portable solar panels.

Turnon’s portable solar panels.

A Chennai-based firm-Turnon Energy Private Limited, has devised an alternative solution where a solar consumer can take their lightweight solar panels in bags and travel with the energy source. It empowers the consumers to use it in any area where there are power issues without bothering about installation and other civil works. 

“The best feature is that they are lightweight. Moreover, you don’t require civil work like the erection of polls, drilling, and other formalities to use these panels. You can directly place it on a surface and allow the sunlight to fall on it to get electricity. There are very few players in India who are offering such technology. It allows users to use it in tough hilly regions, remote rural areas, and others with a shortage of electrical connections or other power outage issues,” K Sachin Smith, Business Development Manager of Turnon, told Saur Energy.

The company till now was confined to the production of Lithium-ion batteries, inverters, and UPS. Later it started manufacturing solar panels and ventured into the new area of offering portable solar panels. 

Smith said that the company offers a pack of three solar panels with a capacity of 20 watts each which can power 5 LED bulbs of 5 watts at one point in time, besides catering to the charging needs of mobile and laptops. The cleantech firm is now selling these portable solar packs for Rs 23,000 with a warranty of three years. 

“The main benefit is that the consumer can directly connect their electrical appliances with the solar panels with the cables and ports provided by the company. They can use it during the daytime. However, they can also opt for using an energy storage device and store its energy to use it at their preferred time, either during the day or night,” Smith added. 

He said that these portable solar panels are currently used in apartments and gated communities to cater to the commonly shared electricity appliances. At the same time, trekkers and other consumers who often visit electricity-deprived regions can also opt for it. 

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