How Solar will cash ‘Energy’ for Mankind – Analysis

How Solar will cash ‘Energy’ for Mankind – Analysis

Solar cash Energy

The Sun is approximately half way through the most stable part of its life. Date back to the past four billion years, it hasn’t changed dramatically and believe that it will remain fairly stable for another four billion years. An energy which is generated from the sunlight (Sun) today is also well accepted by ‘solar energy’ making it an evident source of energy for life forms. The sun itself is also a renewable source of energy. These innovations utilize the sun’s energy to light homes, produce hot water, heat homes and power.

The solar energy has its own status for generating cleanest energy (no pollutants), low maintenance and easy to set up. The only limitation is it cannot be used at night; sometimes it depends upon Climatic conditions and relies upon the location.

But now with a huge rush towards alternative energy solar is to play a crucial role, But what is solar energy and how it will change the way we look today.

So, why Solar Energy?

  • It is found in abundance as well as completely free source of energy.
  • By using the technologies like PV, Solar Heater, Solar Thermal Electricity, etc. can transform the daylight (radiant heat and light) into an energy called Solar Energy.
  • By means of Photosynthesis: With the help of green plants, Solar Energy converted into Chemical Energy, which creates the Biomass and produced Fossil Fuels.
  • Dried out our clothes, cooked/dried of food and pasteurized by means of Solar Energy.
  • In every nation’s, activities like agriculture and horticulture are trying to generate more solar energy. How they used? – Timing like planting cycles, combining different varieties of plants.
  • Green houses – converted daylight into heat (temperature) to promote and produced year round cultivation of specials crops.
  • It is being recognized as a future of alternative energy as it is non-polluting and helps in combatting with in the crisis of climate and environment.
  • Cost for the installation of the solar power plant is rapidly decreasing in the markets.
  • NASA used Solar Panels in their space craft like Juno, Mars observers which are operate in the inner solar system to get enough electricity from the Sun.

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