Is Loom Solar Really Competing with Amazon?

Is Loom Solar Really Competing with Amazon?<h6>Advertorial</h6>

With solar technology gradually becoming mainstream, there are many companies diversifying into solar, granting customers a large number of choices. Sometimes customers get confused due to a presence of a large number of solar brands/ companies and are unsure of the choices they make. Many good suppliers/ companies also get lost in the crowd, until they are finally discovered. One such company is Loom Solar in India. Loom Solar is a young company laying its foundation in ….. The company is trying to help consumers in India make informed decisions regarding buying solar systems and also provides the convenience of buying products online from the comforts of your home. Loom Solar is a good mix of both online and offline services. Not only does the company sells solar products online, but also gets it delivered to almost all the 3600 pin codes in India just within 3 days. In addition, the company offers consultation, free installation, help in getting government approvals for subsidies and net metering services.

Loom Solar Competing with Amazon

Today there are numerous sources of customers to buy solar products from. Though purchasing online is convenient, there is still a doubt in their minds, as solar involves a huge upfront cost. A customer wants to buy from reliable and trusted sources like, Industry Buying, Urjakart, etc. but given the lack of personal advice and guidance, are still hesitant. A customer generally visits a physical store and inspects the products before buying it online from websites like because they offer huge discounts.

Advantage of Buying Online

There are many advantages of buying online. Not only does Amazon offer cash on delivery which is the preferred mode of payment for most Indians, it also offers fast delivery. But the major advantage of buying online from sources like is the cheapest price guaranteed. This is the one area where traditional suppliers fail to compete with The website offers attractive discounts to lure its customers.

Disadvantage of Buying Online

That said, there are few disadvantages too of buying from online websites. The first one being no personal touch involved. If you have decided to buy a product from, the decision is entirely yours, you will not get any guidance from their side regarding the brand or size of the solar system. Though customer reviews are available they will be entirely for the product’s looks or performance and not very technical. Moreover, installation is entirely your headache. Amazon is only responsible for product delivery.

Instead, if you chose to buy from a supplier like Loom Solar, it guarantees three-day delivery in any part of India – even to rural regions where Amazon is still to reach. That is because, Loom Solar has about 700 partners across the country to enable this.

Here is what a customer from Bihar has to say:

“Guys, Thanks to Loom Solar. I am Guddu Kumar from Barhari of Nalanda district of Bihar. This is village location nearby Rajgir. I had a very minimum budget to install solar panel for my home. In our village, an electricity is available, but long power-cut problems. My parents are using Lamp during power-cut. Now, I have installed a solar system for home lighting (10 Watt Solar Panel, 6 Amp Charge Controller&7 Ah. Battery). I use 2 bulbs, 1 DC Fans & mobile charging every day. My solar system starts to charge from the morning 7:00 am to 5:00 pm. I am using 2 lights the whole night. I bought this system from Loom Solar, they delivered at my location within 3-4 days. I am extremely happy with this product and the Loom Solar service. They care customers who place order from village. I would like to suggest, Loom Solar should deliver at village’s home.”

Loom Solar runs a dedicated website for solar products which provides more insight into solar technology. The website has good amount of content/ blogs which helps readers to take better decisions. Not only that, the company has also entered into the manufacturing part, and has launched several products. For instance, Loom Solar’s 180 W/ 12V monocrystalline, 340 W/ 24V monocrystalline, 320 W / 24V multicrystalline, and 160 W/ 12V multi-crystalline are few of its hot selling solar panels. In addition, the company also sells portable solar mounting structure. Loom mounting structure (100 ~ 180 watts), 2 panels is the most popular product.

The company provides installation, free delivery and on-site visit to add to customer convenience. In fact, Loom Solar offers the lowest price with installation amongst peers in India. Another unique feature about Loom Solar is that it allows customers to pay only 15% at the time of purchase, the balance 85% can be paid upon delivery. In addition, the company also follows 12-hour refund policy.

It is important for buyers to check the pros and cons of buying online. Solar is a big investment and involves huge capital expenditure. This investment does not allow you to just invest and forget. You will need help and guidance regarding maintenance/ upgradation etc. which can be provided only by someone who has apt technical knowledge about the subject and is readily available to assist you physically. It is imperative for people to think and analyze before taking the decision.

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