IRENA Report on Scenarios for The Energy Transition

IRENA has published this research report titled “Scenarios for the Energy Transition: Experience and good practices in Latin America and the Caribbean.” 

In this research report, examples of this type that were discussed during the webinar series “Long-Term Energy Scenarios (LTES) for Developing National Clean Energy Transition Plans in Latin America and the Caribbean” are compiled. In addition to stakeholders attempting to enhance their planning processes globally, it includes critical results and recommendations that are broadly applicable to Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC). The three major pillars of good practices are increasing scenario development, improving scenario utilisation, and identifying capacity-building strategies. 

Key Findings Of IRENA Report

  • The LAC area is generating more comprehensive energy scenarios that go beyond techno-economic standards.
  • Many LAC governments are creating more comprehensive, long-term energy scenarios connected to their climate goals.
  • Participatory scenario development is becoming a more important component of energy planning processes in the LAC region.
  • The long-term scenarios that LAC countries analyze are increasingly built on higher proportions of renewable energy sources and more efficient energy use.
  • The creation of more trustworthy scenarios depends on the availability of transparent energy data and statistics.
  • Developing energy scenarios for medium- and long-term energy planning has been made possible for several LAC nations in large part because of the assistance offered by international cooperation.