IEA Report: World Energy Outlook 2022

A study titled “World Energy Outlook 2022” has been released by the IEA (International Energy Agency). The World Energy Outlook 2022 (WEO) offers essential analyses and insights on the ramifications of this significant and ongoing shock to energy systems around the world at a time when the world is experiencing the first ever global energy crisis, which was caused by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

This year’s WEO investigates important concerns regarding the crisis based on the most recent energy data and market developments: Will it constitute a setback for the transition to sustainable energy or a motivator for more action? What impact could government actions have on the energy market? Which dangers to energy security exist on the way to net zero emissions?

The WEO is the most reliable source of analysis and projections in the energy sector. Since 1998, this IEA flagship publication has been released annually. Its impartial research and objective data offer crucial insights into the world’s energy demand and supply under various scenarios, as well as the implications for energy security, climatic goals, and economic growth.