CCPI Report: “Monitoring Climate Mitigation Efforts of 59 Countries plus the EU”

A study entitled “Monitoring Climate Mitigation Efforts of 59 Countries plus the EU” has been released by CCPI (Climate Change Performance Index). The invasion of Ukraine by Russia serves as a reminder of how highly dependent most nations still are on fossil fuels. The ability of nations to operate and provide for their inhabitants with basic services is impacted by this dependency.

Since the COVID-19 recovery has mostly been a squandered chance for climate action. We have two options: either we use this external shock to enhance how sustainably we travel, heat and live, or we support the harmful fossil fuel system that is already in place.

It has never been more crucial or urgent to make this transition to sustainability – not just to protect the environment but also for the future of civilization and world peace. The foundation of decarbonization is the growth of renewable energy sources and energy efficiency. Due to declining prices, the supply of renewable energy (RE) increased dramatically in 2022.

These encouraging developments and tendencies may start an upward spiral promoting a just and lasting transformation. However, there is a pressing need to take advantage of all openings and stop all support for fossil fuels. Recent events indicate that the infrastructure for fossil fuels is expanding in response to the energy problem.

To avoid undercutting attempts to expand the supply of low-carbon energy, countries must gradually eliminate fossil fuel subsidies and refocus their expenditures. It is also crucial to help the energy transition by reducing energy demand in affluent nations and increasing energy efficiency in developing nations.