CCN Report: India will be Among Nations Most Adversely Hit by Rise in Global Temperatures

A study entitled “The India Climate Finance Report (2022)” has been released by CCN (Climate Capital Network). The biological and socioeconomic landscape of our world is on schedule to undergo significant upheaval due to climate change. The Global Climate Risk Index 2021 predicts that India would be among the nations most adversely impacted by the increase in global temperatures. By 2050, crop yields could decrease by as much as 30%, and by the middle of the twenty-first century, nearly 40% of Indians might experience water scarcity.

In such a situation, asset owners and managers are becoming more and more aware of the crucial part they must play in financing the mitigation, adaptation, and resilience to climate change. The Impact Investors Council (IIC) analysis demonstrates this rising financial inflow to Indian climate-tech ventures. The analytical findings also highlight the urgent need for further assistance for this developing ecosystem for it to scale up creative, indigenous solutions to one of humanity’s most critical problems of the twenty-first century.