Sr. Research Analyst – Energy Investment

Integrated Research and Action for Development (IRADe)

  • Min - 5-6 years
  • New Delhi
Sr. Research Analyst – Energy Investment
Job Posted : Mar 19th, 2021

Job Description


  • 5- 6 years of relevant power industry


  • New Delhi

Role and Responsibilities:

The objective of the USAID SARI/EI initiative is to create the right “enabling” environment to support the establishment of South Asia electricity market, and gain consensus and support from the key decision makers and stakeholders towards enhancement of the cross-border exchanges. The activities under this program are carried out by creating three Task Forces and focusing on the following Key Area

a) Task Force 1 – Harmonize Policy, Legal and Regulatory Issues

b) Task Force 2- Advance Transmission Systems Interconnections and

c) Task Force 3 – Establishment of South Asia Regional Electricity Markets.

It is expected that the SARI/EI would provide the much-needed platform to bring awareness and form consensus which will provide the necessary impetus to quickly and efficiently develop and implement cross border energy projects, mobilize / bring investment in the region and creating a conducive ecosystem for regional investment in cross border energy infrastructure in the region.

SARI/EI earlier published “Regional Investment Framework and Guidelines for Promoting Investment in South Asian Power Sector and in Cross-Border Electricity Trade in South Asia1 ” and report recommended to have “Regional CBET investment Facilitation forum”. Through such forum’s focus will be on creating an ecosystem to promote regional investment in energy infrastructure in the region and De-Risking of energy projects.

The Sr. Research Analyst (SRA) – Energy Investment (EI) shall be the Nodal Person for all developments pertaining to South Asia Forum for Energy Investment (SAFEI) and implementation of activities under it. S/he shall be assisting Associate Director – SARI/EI Project in achieving the targets related to SAFEI. The Sr. Research Analyst (SRA) – Energy Investment (EI) should be self-driven to take initiatives and work independently under the guidance of the Associate Director for creating an ecosystem to promote regional investment in energy infrastructure in the region and De-Risking of energy projects in South Asia.

The job description of the Sr. Research Analyst (SRA) – Energy Investment (EI) shall include the following:

1) To assess and support the preparedness for mobilizing energy investment in the South Asian (SA) Region and provide in-depth understanding of the various investment issues related to cross border power trade and regional energy investment in the region.

2) To undertake country specific assessments of preparedness for creating an ecosystem (both regional and country wise) to promote regional investment in energy infrastructure in the region and De-Risking of energy projects in the South Asian Region.

3) Provide inputs on investment related aspects, rules, and guidelines for promoting cross border power trade in the region.

4) Engaging with private sector/chamber of commerce to promote investments in energy infrastructure in South Asia and building partnership.

5) To provide technical inputs for assessing the needs of key stakeholders and overseeing the studies undertaken and building the capacity of key stakeholders on all technical aspects related to SAFEI.

6) To develop a clear risk sharing framework that indicates who bears what risks, roles and responsibilities of different agencies, the investor, the financial institutions, the government, and the power sector organizations for creating a conducive ecosystem to promote regional investment in energy infrastructure and De-Risking of energy projects in the region.

7) To prepare agenda notes, presentations, investment briefs, investment outlooks, minutes of the meeting and shall take action based on the Taskforce meetings and to prepare presentations for the Taskforce meeting and /or the presentation for each country as required.

8) To coordinate specific expert research studies related to SAFEI.

9) To prepare Terms of Reference for SAFEI studies as well as render technical assistance to SA countries as required in relation to completion of these studies. Also, co-ordinate with consultants and users for data and analysis.

10) Responsible for networking and building relationship with all key stakeholders and supporting the Associate Director in implementing activities related to SAFEI and to do outreach and necessary correspondence required for the program in consultation with Associate Director.

Essential Qualifications:

  • Tech in Energy/Power system preferably with MBA in Finance from reputed institutions
  • 5- 6 years of relevant power industry, investment and finance in power/energy sector with regulation experience
  • Experience in the abovementioned areas, preferably with work experience in the organization such as National chamber of commerce of South Asian countries.
  • Knowledge of statistical investment and financing techniques for energy sector projects.
  • Experience of working in investment advocacy in the South Asia Region.
  • Proficiency in handling Microsoft Office Suite
  • Demonstrative knowledge of region power/energy sector in South Asia. Emoluments will be commensurate with experience and compatible with think tanks. IRADe is an equal opportunity employer.