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Hero Future Energy

Projects & O&M
Job Posted : Nov 24th, 2020

Job Description

Incumbent will be responsible for:

1. Incharge of all on site operations under construction.

2. Co-ordinate and work with HO team to conduct site investigation and assess the technical feasibility of developing solar PV projects at various locations.

3. Review or evaluate proposals to make recommendations regarding awarding of contracts i.e. defining scope of work and discuss with potential local EPC contractors to help HO in selecting winning proposal.

4. Create Solar energy project plans, including project scope, goals, tasks, resources, schedules,costs, contingencies, or other project information such as to develop and maintain project timelines, identify critical path and key milestones for project’s success.

5. Provide technical support for the design, construction, or commissioning of Solar projects.

6. Prepare Solar project documentation, including diagrams or layouts etc.

7. Provide progress reports and other status updates to the management as n when required, also to Identify the sources of likely risks and take preventive measures to eliminate/minimize any negative impact on the project

8. Manage Solar project costs to stay within budget limits i.e. control EPC contractor’s work in terms of schedule, quality and safety within specified budget.

9. Support to prepare requests for proposals (RFPs) for Solar project construction or equipment.

10. Manage site assessments or environmental studies for Solar fields.

11. Update schedules, estimates, forecasts, or budgets for Solar projects.

12. Supervise the work of subcontractors or consultants to ensure quality and conformance to specifications or budgets.

13. Lead or support negotiations involving agreements, power purchase agreements, land use, or interconnection agreements.

14. Provide verbal or written project status reports to project teams, management, subcontractors and customers.

15. Understand civil design, engineering, or construction technical documentation to ensure compliance with applicable government or industrial codes, standards, requirements, or regulations.

16. Develop/Modify scope of work for Solar project functions, such as design, site assessment,environmental studies, surveying, or field support services.

17. Coordinate / Support for energy assessment, engineering, or construction activities to ensure that Solar project’s objectives are met.

18. Prepare or assist in the preparation to Communicate with govt. agencies and/or grid owners regarding interconnection, permitting and other regulatory compliance issues, environmental, building, or other required permits.

19. Prepare / assist / review or Implement EHS (Environmental Health Safety) system & Procedures.