Product Owner

Schneider Electric

  • Min 5+ Years
  • Karnataka-Bangalore
Product Owner
Job Posted : Apr 26th, 2021

Job Description

Schneider Electric is looking for an Agile Product Owner leader who would lead Agile Teams that on Intelligent Electronic Products & IoT Gateways for Digital Power. Your primary responsibility will be to Own and maintain product roadmap based on the Digital Power business objectives, Ecostructure Power Strategic goals & Companion Product roadmaps for multiple Embedded Gateway Product line roadmaps for Digital Power. You will be working in a high-powered Agile Environment to solve very challenging problems, using bleeding edge tools and technology. You will be responsible for working closely with the project team to understand and plan milestones for your team.

Responsibilities include:

  • Closely work with MKT, SYS and sub-system teams and translate the user needs to prescribe in terms of prevalent solution, product evolution or business case validation.
  • Own and maintain product roadmap based on based on ESXP solution strategic goals, program direction and Digital Power business objectives.
  • Develop and maintain prioritized backlog of user stories for development, define the sprint milestones, deliverables and acceptance criteria.
  • Manage requirements applying appropriate qualifications such as priority, complexity, category, test mechanism and traceability.
  • Evaluate the feasibility of use cases wrt development effort, competency, technology used and product capabilities.
  • Closely work with development team being direction provider, point of contact with external stakeholders, overseeing the development of the product and evaluating progress
  • Judge success criteria and improve efficiency based on buy-build strategy, cost-payback analysis, risk analysis and mitigation, optimizations of critical path, product cost, project cost.
  • Manage Continuous engineering, Customer support and bug triage of the products.
  • Participate in key Agile meetings such as Program coordination, BoC, CCB, PI planning, sprint planning, Scrum of scrum, Sprint review and retrospect


  • Bachelor’s / Masters degree in Computer Science Engineering/Electronics & Communication Engineering/Telecom/IT


  • Proven experience in any or many of project management, product ownership, Technical management, Offer management or Project technical leadership for 5+ years
  • Project management skills such as planning, risk management, scheduling, costing, stakeholder management
  • Strong Agile practitioner with practical skills on process, Scrum framework and SAFE
  • Fair understanding of Industrial communication Protocols, IoT, Software/Firmware Programming, safety and cyber security concepts
  • Exposure to Industrial Control Systems and/or Energy distribution automation domains with good know how of Gateways, Data concentrators, RTUs, SCADA, EMS and BMS
  • Good on soft skills such as presentation, written & oral communication, influencing & convincing, conflict resolution and client management.
  • Knowledge of high-level, requirements engineering, system architecture and design methodologies.
  • Result oriented, strategic thinking, ability to motivate and drive, have sense of urgency.

Desirable Experience/skills:

  • Digitization savvy and having reasonable know-how on web services, cloud connectivity, Data analytics, User experience, and monetization through data and services
    •    Knowledge of national, international standards for electrical and electronic products, product certification and interoperability needs