Head Of Solar Quality Assessment Services


  • India
Head Of Solar Quality Assessment Services
Job Posted : Jan 14th, 2022

Job Description

STS HEAD OF SERVICES is the owner of his/her product (services) portfolio, including being responsible for the technical roadmap and strategy, being accountable for the commercial success of the portfolio, leading the introduction of new products/services on the market (NPI) and leading the improvement of commercial products/services.

The HEAD OF SERVICES is in constant contact with the clients, tuning the portfolio to maximize value and revenues. Although it is not his/her first responsibility, she/he may contribute to commercial discussions as well as service execution, as adequate and required by the service or the client relationship.

Portfolio includes: PV modules, PV module components (cells, j-box, etc.), Quality Umbrella, Inspection, field testing for procurement

Portfolio excludes: Audits, SSCP, Power plant inspection, field testing for asset management.

Key Responsibilities:-

  • Foremost responsibility is to be accountable for the commercial success of the product portfolio
  • Responsible for setting up and rolling out a Strategic Marketing Plan, globally, for the service portfolio
  • Identify market/clients needs and dynamics with respect to PV module and related sub-components conformity assessment and technical services (includes PV modules, cells, wafers, other BOM components)
  • Manages NPI process for Product, supports service engineering in development of Product
  • Identifies which service is most relevant to a buyer of PV modules: technology survey, quality plan, factory audit, vendor qualification, production supervision, pre-shipment inspection, field services, warranty claims, etc.
  • Identifies which services related to PV modules need to be revised/launched to improve product portfolio performance.
  • Identify market segment and match services to segments
  • Presentation of technical details and attractiveness of Product at conferences, webinars and in front of clients.
  • Owns marketing positioning and communication related to the portfolio
  • Sales technical support on the Product, including training and customer assistance


  • Master in engineering, solid-state physics or chemistry; preferably in solar-related engineering or MBA education with a solid experience at the contact of technical services (e.g. consulting)
  • Solid technical knowledge in PV module reliability and quality topics, ideally in TIC – at least 5 years.
  • Experience of at least 5 years in daily contact with clients, Knowledge of other components in a solar + storage project is a plus. Typical profile of a technical consultant/advisor in the PV industry.
  • 10 years of experience of PV module technical design, manufacturing, quality control, technical product management, technical utilization (e.g. PVSyst), technical advisory, TIC in solar, or similar.
  • Experience as Product Manager or Technical Advisor.
  • Fluent in English.


  • India.

Company Overview:-

STS is a leading conformity assessment company specialized in Inspection and Testing with more than 10 years of establishment in China. It is the trusted technical advisor to many global leading international companies who buy products in Asia. Our services include factory audits, production monitoring, pre-shipment inspections and container loading inspections. Accredited under ISO/IEC17020:2012, STS has one of the largest fleet of inspectors across China, all of whom are qualified, fully-trained, and full-time employees of the company. The values that drive our work are: Pertinence, Performance, Exemplarity, Openness, and Impartiality.