Asst Lead / Lead Engineer – FEA (Structural Design)


  • Chennai, India
Asst Lead / Lead Engineer – FEA (Structural Design)
Job Posted : Mar 31st, 2023

Job Description


  • Your tasks will vary in complexity and nature but will mostly focus on design and design optimization of the components we develop
  • Clarifying design requirements with all relevant stakeholders
  • Define and design interfaces to other systems
  • Design specifications/requirements from top level specification down to building block
  • Design functionality with value chain perspective
  • Design performance and reliability including lifetime estimates of the design based on data
  • Design risk and safety associated to the design
  • Cooperate with experts in other engineering disciplines, such as structures, electrical, loads and control
  • Create and maintain documentation towards the design
  • To contribute to meet the constant task of designing larger and more complex wind turbine structures, within increasingly tighter time and cost constraints
  • You’ll also be expected to bring a spirit of innovation and healthy skepticism with respect to the way we plan and carry out our work

Qualification And Experience:-

  • Master’s / Bachelor’s in Mechanical / Structural / Similar specialization
  • Minimum combined +7 years relevant experience in design and development of dynamic mechanical systems
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA); e.g., Ansys
  • Proficient at coding within a common scripting language (e.g., Python, MATLAB)
  • A good understanding of static and dynamic behavior of mechanical structures
  • Experience with Systems Engineering will be good to have
  • Experience in wind turbine design and 3rd party certification will be good to have
  • Modular product development


  • Have an eye for detail to pick up on the array of software tools and processes we currently use in our workflow
  • Can develop innovative solutions to the tasks we face when performing these investigates, up to and including development or introduction of new tools or processes into our workflow
  • Like to work with complex engineering problems and have a creative approach to new tasks
  • Have great communication skills in English, written and verbal to liaise with various stakeholders on different levels within the organization
  • Motivated, result oriented and have a solid sense of responsibility
  • Knowledge of Agile development methodologies (e.g., SCRUM) and JIRA
  • Project Management or business education/experience
  • Experience within other large corporate organizations


  • Chennai, India.

Company Overview:-

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