Associate Manager – Fire

Adani Green Energy Ltd

  • Min. 1-2 years
  • Tiroda,Maharashta (India)
Associate Manager – Fire
Job Posted : Jan 30th, 2021

Job Description

Role & Responsibilities : 

  • Work in shifts and will hold charge of the Fire Station during the tenure of duty. Immediately on reporting for duty, check and ensure that all Fire tenders and accessories on charge of the Fire Station are in a fit state for immediate use. Any deficiency will be properly recorded and every effort is made to make it good without any gap. Responsible for firefighting operation, Fire prevention, hot job activities during course of the shift duties.
  • To check that all out sourced fire staff or other contracting agency have reported for duty as per requirement and the appliances that is First turn out & 2nd turn out are fully detailed & manned.
  • To ensure that derailment of Fire call attendant in the shift & Fire control room functions properly and the communication system to and from the fire station is maintained satisfactorily.
  • To ensure that the training as per Fire station routine programme as issued is carried out by Fire-staff on duty under supervision.
  • To ensure that the periodical tests, standard test of all Fire station equipment, appliances & BA sets during the shift are carried out by the staff in tune to requirement of check sheets as per station routine programme – accordingly prepare their report on day-to-day basis.
  • To ensure that the fire appliances are properly stored / placed so that these can turn out without any delay as and when required. No vehicle or any other obstruction will be allowed on the approach road in front of fire station even for a short duration.
  • To ensure that proper record is maintained of all occurrences during the tenure of duty and all registers, log books, communication register  etc. are kept up- to- date.
  • To attend to all rescue or fire calls immediately and take action as the situation demands.
  • To assist the seniors in the performance of their various fire prevention / firefighting duties as and when assigned or detailed.
  • To be responsible for monthly checking & quarterly maintenance of fire extinguishers deployed in plant area as per monthly schedule during the shift & ensure  that no any faulty or empty extinguisher available in plant area & accordingly prepare the check sheets of extinguishers on day today basis & also  maintain the history sheet of respective fire extinguishers. Responsible for refilling of fire extinguishers from time to time.
  • To be responsible for the fire-fighting operations and fire prevention arrangements for fire protection of the plant & day to day operation, testing & maintenance of fixed fire protection system. To supervise the working of shift personnel.
  • To bring all matters relating to administration/fire-fighting to the notice of seniors in regard to the requirements or any short coming for effective fire-fighting/fire prevention measures immediately.

Principle Accountabilities :

  • Ground operational Firefighting, practical Fireman ship & organising Fire drills.
  • Day to day routine testing & maintenance of major Fire Appliances.
  • Periodical testing of SCABA , PP & all other Firefighting equipment
  • Inspection, Testing & maintenance of Fire Extinguishers as per standard requirement.
  • Training to plant employees & workers for first aid firefighting
  • Maintenance & operational checks of Major Fire appliances, hot job activities.
  • To attend all Fire incidents & guide the fire crew as leader while course of action.
  • To assist budgeting, planning, procurement & user friendly with computer to work on HSE module. MIS preparation & incident reporting

Requisite skills:

Function :               

  • Firefighting.
  • Fire Prevention & Rescue.
  • Risk Mitigation strategy / Emergency Preparedness Plan.

Behavioural :

  • Positive Attitude.
  • Self-Driven.
  • Assertiveness.
  • Influencing & Sensitization.
  • Presentation Skills.
  • Analytical ability and problem solving skills.

Physical Standard (if any) :

  • No Hydro-phobia.
  • No Height phobia.
  • No Colour blindness.
  • No hearing impairment/ audiometric defects.


Special Skills : 

Ground operational Practical Fireman ship, Firefighting & rescue operations, Testing & operation of all type of fixed fire protection system, equipment & Major Fire appliances.


Most important contribution and outcome needed from the position through KRAs :

  • Maintenance, testing, refilling & inspection of fire extinguishers as per standard requirement & statutory compliance.
  • Deployment of Fire extinguishers judiciously and numbering. Supervision of hot job activities. Maintenance, testing & inspection of Fire hydrants, Risers. Day to day testing, refilling & use of SCABA. Day to day maintenance & fire preventive checks of Major fire appliances (Fire tenders). Training & Fire Drill for fire staff as per daily station routine.