Assistant Manager – Design – PCR

KEC International Limited

  • Halol, Gujarat
Assistant Manager – Design – PCR
Job Posted : Oct 26th, 2021

Job Description

This position is responsible for execution of all assigned plant technical activities. The position is responsible for implementing steps for technical economy at the plant, optimisation of production processes and for proper documentation.


  • No. of productivity and process improvement
  • Quality Rating Score
  • Adherence to NPD release conformances for new product release plan at plant
  • Enhancement in Technical economy through technical cost optimization
  • Reduction in overall process scrap, bladder cost & indirect material cost
  • No. of Projects (Kaizens & QIPs)

Functions And Responsibilities:-

Operational Activities:-

NPD and Commissioning of Machines:-

  • Provide timely assistance in establishment and commissioning of new equipment at plants
  • Conduct NPD trials as per the schedule and ensure that the trials are run as per the precise specifications prescribed by the R&D team
  • Guide the operations team including the shop floor operators in executing technical trials on the shop floor
  • Effectively record and analyze trial results

Plant Support:-

  • Ensure systematic execution of product and process checking and reviewing as per preset standards
  • Manage inspection of machines to ensure uniformity in compliance and standards
  • Conduct regular checks and engage in follow-ups for running trails at plants
  • Assistance in smooth execution and timely completion of checks and audit of machine
  • Conduct continual and regular safety and health condition checks and ensure maintenance of safety standards
  • Continually track and monitor quality ratings for the assigned division and support the operations team is systematically resolving manufacturing issues for enhanced quality ratings
  • Conducting test-check audits at laboratories to ensure standardization
  • Assistance in arrangement of necessary and required samples for the Research and Development department
  • Accepting specifications of materials and making arrangements for requisition of required materials
  • Ensuring proper coordination with the stores department and conducting follow-ups regarding new materials, or materials ordered for trials and testing
  • Attend regular meetings conducted by the internal team, as well as daily work management meetings, and ensure representation of technical facts and insights at the same

Trouble Shooting:-

  • Managing in a timely manner processing issues during trials and actual production and ensuring that the same shall be efficiently handled and resolved
  • Engaging in troubleshooting activities from time to time, to ensure production time conservation
  • Ensure regular follow-ups for resolving of issues

Process Improvements and Changes:-

  • Ensure execution of changes pertaining to new product development
  • Ensure thorough handover and review of specification changes to the operator level at the plant
  • Ensure continuous review and improvement in analytical and developmental activities
  • Review of production related activities and ensuring their optimisation for overall cost saving
  • Under the guidance of the superiors in the team, propose changing of compounds, changing of weights, etc. to ensure cost reduction in existing products
  • Continually engage in review and improvement of existing processes and resolving process issues

Technical Process Analysis:-

  • Conduct a detailed analysis of defective materials or products
  • Analysis of held-up batches at or during production, as well as at the time of disposition, with a view to ascertain its causes and solutions
  • Ensure analysis of minute aspects pertaining to scrap materials
  • Analysis of compound scrap and determining factors behind the same


  • Maintaining proper records for changes in specifications of processes, on SAP
  • Ensuring proper execution of technological economy trials and preparation of compliance reports
  • Conducting trials for new materials or materials from new suppliers and preparing compliance reports for the same
  • Meticulous and regular updation of material specification changes on SAP
  • Preparation of requisite monthly reports on Improvement activities (eg. Kaizen, 5S, etc.), Unsafe Conditions, etc.

Education and Experience Required:-


  • Bachelors of Technology or Diploma in Polymer Science and Rubber Technology


  • 1 – 3 Years Exp for a Graduate
  • 2 – 4 years Exp for a Diploma


  • Halol, Gujarat.

Company Overview:-

KEC International Limited, headquartered in Mumbai, India, is the flagship company of the RPG Group. A USD 1.7 billion Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) major, we deliver projects in key infrastructure sectors such as Power Transmission & Distribution, Railways, Civil, Urban Infrastructure, Solar, Smart Infrastructure, and Cables.

Our robust and integrated capabilities span the entire spectrum of ‘concept to commissioning’. We have successfully executed complex projects across some of the world’s most difficult terrains and conditions aided by robust project management and execution capabilities. We have unrivalled expertise in manufacturing and testing, with a footprint extending across India, Dubai, Brazil, and Mexico. Our vast global presence has enabled a robust and agile supply chain that extends across six continents in over 100 countries.

For 75 years, we have prided ourselves for our unmatched expertise across EPC, backed by a strong, customer-centric approach, quest for world-class quality, and ‘safety-first’ attitude. Integrity in our actions and respect for people, environment and our stakeholders are the cornerstones of our corporate responsibility. Empowered by a mindset driven to outperform and excel, we build infrastructure for the world of tomorrow