Director, Finance/Resource Mobilization

International Solar Alliance

  • Min. 12 Years
  • USD 73,512 – USD 88,162
  • Delhi , Gurgaon (India)
Director, Finance/Resource Mobilization
Job Posted : Feb 11th, 2021

Job Description

The Director, Finance/Resource Mobilization will report directly to the Director-General and lead a team of three (3) professional and several administrative staff members. The Director with be responsible for providing expert advice, developing policies, and leading the Resource Mobilization and fund-raising services, as well as the budget management, for the organization. The ISA proposes to engage a Director, Resource Mobilization to lead the fund raising efforts to meet ISA Mandates and funding goals for support to developing countries, for the implementation of solar projects/initiatives.

Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Resource Mobilization and Fund Raising:

a. Implementation of work programme;Affordable Finance at Scale; (Article Ill of the Framework Agreement (FA) of ISA);

b. In addition to work on the areas enumerated below: Operationalization of Joint declarations with multilateral development banks, (Article VIII);

c. Operationalization of Joint declarations with bilateral cooperation (Article VIII);

d. Financial resources required for the implementation of a specific Programme along with Director Programmes (Article Vl.4 implementation);

e. Corporate Outreach Programme under ISA Corpus Scheme to mobilize USD 1000 billion;

f. Mobilization of concessional financing along with Programme Directors and earmarking for dedicated solar projects in ISA countries with Bilateral, Multilateral, IF’s and other financial players;

g. Discussions with private sectors specifying their risk analysis criteria and factors to

facilitate solar investments;

h. In collaboration with IRENA, TWI, Multilateral Banks/ Organizations (World Bank, GCF and other financial partners etc.) to develop/adopt Model documents and guidelines;

for PPA, PSA, VGR agreements, contractual documents, innovative financial mechanisms along with tendering and bidding documents etc. for development of bankable projects in ISA member Countries;

i. Coordination with Exim Bank and AFD for Line of Credit(s) for ISA countries;

j. Coordination with Corporate Global Task Force on innovation to provide strategy to ISA for mobilization of USD 1000 billion by the year 2030.

2. Assisting the DG in mobilizing finance to strengthen ISA’s secretariat into a fully-functional international organization in:

a. preparing and implementing ISA secretariat’s business plan for next 5 years in coordination with UN & other stakeholders.

b. Budgetary and Financial strategies to determine key functions and assessing required capacity to best position the Secretariat to deliver on its mandate.

c. Collaborating with the Director Programme and Director Technology and Innovation in mobilizing public and private finance to develop their programmes.

3. Financial Management: Lead the implementation and further development of ISA’s Financial Regulations and Procedures and manage the ISA secretariat’s financial resources related matters such as:

a. Provide advice on interpretation and application of ISA financial policies, regulations and rules. Review and provide advice on exceptions to policies, regulation and rules.

b. Maintain accounts, disburse payments, develop payroll.

c. Provide advice and implement appropriate electronic accounting tools and systems.

d. Review of project documents and budgets and ensuring compliance with ISA’s Financial regulations, policies and procedures.

e. Advise Director General with respect to the elaboration of resource requirements for budget submissions.

f. Finalization ISA secretariat administrative and programme budget; Monitoring budget implementation and determines/recommends reallocation of funds when necessary.

g. Overseeing the implementation of ERP system for to preparation and monitoring of

budget plans and financial transactions.

h. Overseeing up-to-date preparation of documents/reports/guidelines and liaises with the Programme teams.

i. Overseeing the external financial audits of the ISA.

j. Act as a certifying officer to approve the reports submitted by implementing partner and external partners.

k. Monitoring and supervision of the work of subordinate staff as required.

4. Actions related to Article VI of the Framework Agreement as allocated by the DG. Target based Resource mobilization for the organization.

a. Provide advice on interpretation and application of external funding/financial policies, regulations and rules. Provide advice and support to Director General and to Directors (Programme) on external funding and finance related matters in a proactive manner.

b. Assess financial requirements for workforce and identifies capacity gaps;

c. Security of financial information and after due examination and due diligence giving financial concurrence in all expenditure matters, keeping financial delegation in view (no expenditure can be incurred without financial concurrence).

5. Budget Management:

a. Review, draft, prepare and finalize project documentation associated with funding campaigns and requests.

b. Review, draft and prepare and finalize budget documents and presentations for the management team and to the Member States, ensuring compliance with ISA’s financial regulations, policies and procedures. Advise Director General with respect to the elaboration of resource requirements for the budget submissions.

c. Finalization and presentation of the ISA secretariat annual programme budget to member states;

d. Monitoring budget implementation and determines/recommends reallocation of funds when necessary.

e. Preparation and monitoring of budget plans and associated financial transactions.

f. Overseeing up-to-date preparation of documents/reports/guidelines and liaises with the Programme and Operations teams.

g. Overseeing the internal management audits of ISA.

h. Act as a certifying officer to approve the reports submitted by implementing partners and external partners.

i. Monitoring and supervision of the work of subordinate staff as required.

6. Co-chair for the procurement contracts committee and offer financial concurrence before expenditure is incurred and payments made.

7. Any other specific or strategic tasks and other responsibilities assigned by the Director General of ISA.

8. Provide advice, make presentations to and respond to requests from Member States.

9. Supervise and manage the staff of the Service.


Professionalism: Shows pride in work and in achievements; demonstrates professional competence and mastery of subject matter; is conscientious and efficient in meeting commitments, observing deadlines and achieving results; is motivated by professional rather than personal concerns; shows persistence when faced with difficult problems or challenges; remains calm in stressful situations.

Communication: Speaks and writes clearly and effectively; able to interact with senior government and private sector leadership; listens to others, correctly interprets messages from others and responds appropriately; asks questions to clarify, and exhibits interest in having two-way communication; tailors language, tone, style and format to match audience; demonstrates openness in sharing information and keeping people informed; ability to disseminate information through online platforms, social media and traditional methods.

Leadership: Proven ability to lead teams of diverse staff; training and develop staff; successful counsel and conduct performance management; provide vision and direction to a team and lead the team to undertake innovative work.

Teamwork: Works collaboratively with colleagues to achieve organizational goals; solicits input by genuinely valuing others’ ideas and expertise; is willing to learn from others; places team agenda before personal agenda; supports and acts in accordance with final group decision, even when such decisions may not entirely reflect own position; shares credit for team accomplishments and accepts joint responsibility for team shortcomings.

Planning & Organizing: Develops clear goals that are consistent with agreed strategies; identifies priority activities and assignments; adjusts priorities as required; allocates appropriate amount of time and resources for completing work; foresees risks and allows for contingencies when planning; monitors and adjusts plans and actions as necessary; uses time efficiently.


Education: Advanced university degree (Master’s degree or equivalent degree) in Economics,Business Administration, Engineering, Management including Energy Management, Public Administration or related discipline required.


A minimum of 12 years of professional work experience for P4 level or 15 years for P5 level in the management of financial resources, preparation of organizational budgets and experience in multilateral fund raising activities at a major international organization or an international and/or national NGO is required. Preference will be given to candidates who have between five and seven years of international experience.

Language and IT skills: The role demands substantial writing and verbal communications skills. As English is the official and working language of the Organization, excellent command of both written and spoken English is required. Knowledge of other languages (e.g. French, Spanish and Arabic) would be an advantage. Satisfactory skills in Outlook, MS Office products, project management tools and various ERP systems is highly desirable.