Huawei Incepts a New Trend in String Inverters with 1500V Smart PV Solution


Aimed to expand across the Middle-East Market, Huawei amid World Future Energy Summit (WFES) in Abu Dhabi announced its new 1500V Smart PV Solution.

The new enhanced 1500V is learned to be designed for large-scale PV installations, such as utility-scale PV power plants in desert regions in the Middle East and Africa. The new 1500V SUN2000-55KTL string inverter is known to have a unique “natural cooling” process. It doesn’t needs an air conditioning to cool as it is designed without an enclosure. Another unique feature of the 1500V inverter is sought to be the IP65 design. The company claims to be the first inverter manufacturer to offer a high-power inverter with IP65 compliance. The SUN2000-55KTL string inverter can operate well in high temperature in MEA region. The solutions also integrates embedded chipset enabling less use of copper in the inverter and giving it a highly compact design. The traditional 3-Level Topology modulation is replaced by a 5-Level Topology which further boasts the inverter’s efficiency.

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