EV Start-Ups River And OTO Raise $40 Million & $10 Million Respectively

As the electric vehicle industry in India is finding ways to steady rise, the start-ups in the EV ecosystem are strengthening the supply chain and expanding by garnering fresh funds. In fresh developments, EV maker River and EV finance firm OTO have raised $40 million and $10 million to further their businesses River Secures $40 […]

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Beyond Batteries: Hydrogen Combustion Engine, A Viable Alternative for Clean Mobility

Electric vehicles running on battery-powered electricity are not just a future concept anymore. The new electric vehicle sales surpassed the 10 million mark worldwide in 2022 and it seems likely that sooner or later EVs will replace the conventional ICE mobility options. However, bottlenecks impeding EV growth and the technological advancements in using hydrogen as […]

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The Top 5: Best Electric Motorcycles in the World

We waited for electric vehicle revolution, and now it is here. With growing concerns about protecting the environment and governments worldwide pushing for electric mobility, the automakers started to move electric and prepare themselves for the new age of mobility. Electric vehicles are racing to make a paradigm shift in travel habits and modes. Sales […]

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Yamaha upgrades its Solar Power Plant in Chennai

With addition of 1100 KW, Yamaha’s total capacity in the Chennai plant has increased to 1450 KW, and has plans to increase the total capacity to 3500KW by the end of 2018. Yamaha Motor India Group, a sister concern of Yamaha Motor, Japan, has installed 1100 KW rooftop solar power plant at Chennai. The plant […]

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