SES AI Corporation

SES Bets On Li-Metal Batteries For EV Future

Headquartered in Massachusetts, SES AI Corporation is a manufacturer and developer of Hybrid Li-Metal rechargeable batteries for electric vehicles (EV) and other applications. SES AI was founded on April 17, 2012, originally as SolidEnergy Systems. Its Li-Metal batteries combine the high energy density of Li-Metal with the cost-effective, large-scale manufacturing of conventional Li-ion batteries. SES […]

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SES completes merger with ‘Ivanhoe’ to complete SPAC listing at NYSE

Liquid metal battery firm SES AI Corporation or ‘SES’ has declared that it has closed the business combination of SES Holdings and Ivanhoe Capital Acquisition Corp or ‘Ivanhoe’, a Special Purpose Acquisition Vehicle(SPAC). The quest for this acquisition was announced previously and now it stands complete. With this, SES is listed on the New York […]

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