36 Municipal Schools in Mira Bhayandar to be solarised by MBMC

The Mira Bhayandar Municipal Corporation (MBMC), Thane, is taking significant steps to enhance energy efficiency by initiating the installation of rooftop solar plants across all municipal schools in the twin-city. Currently, there are 17 structures accommodating 36 municipal schools run by MBMC. The estimated cost of the solar power project is Rs. 50 lakh, with […]

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Farm Fires Impact On Solar Generation In North India

It’s the beginning of winter, and yet again, almost as regularly as the South West monsoons leaving the country, we have the onset of air pollution, especially over North India. As AQI (Air Quality Index) levels rise, air purifiers are brought in, while others hope the measures taken by their local governments will help. For […]

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Air Pollution Impacting Solar Panel Efficiency in India say IIT, Delhi researchers

A team of researchers from the Centre for Atmospheric Sciences (CAS) at the Indian Institute of Technology (Delhi) have found that air pollution is reducing energy output of solar panels in the country. The decline in solar power generation could be as high as 52%. Sagnik Dey, Dilip Ganguly and colleagues have modelled the particulate […]

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